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How busy were your first six months after startup?

st8icst8ic subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
edited August 2009 in Thought Leadership
Did you have a ton of clients right away? How long did it take before you started getting clients?
How long was it before you had enough business to call it a success?


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    st8icst8ic subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Thanks for sharing, NCD! Anyone else want to share their experience?
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    eyediditeyedidit subscriber Posts: 0
    where to start...
    I started...took 9 months to really see any revenue that was enough to make me sigh with relief.  During those 9 months there was borrowing money from credit cards, taking out my savings, then the heart palpitations.  Sleepless nights.  Average about 17 hour days.
    It was hell.
    But...the day came when it was all better and all the hard work for those 9 months paid off.  Everything is great now and i`ve built my little empire of happiness.  Doing what I love and doing it for myself. 
    "If it wasn`t hard...everyone would be doing it" - Tom Hanks in A League of Their Owneyedidit8/5/2009 5:07 AM
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    st8icst8ic subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Hey eyedidit, thanks for your reply! I have a question though, if you were working 17 hour days how come you weren`t seeing any significant revenue from that? Was it product development or something?
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