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Could a Website be Profitable without Selling Anything?

AndyrewAndyrew subscriber Posts: 2
Could a Website be Profitable without Selling Anything?  How feasible is having a website which offers free information.  Please correct me if I am wrong, right now I am thinking that if I create a website which will draw a lot of hits, it could potentially be very profitable (via advertisers, etc.) ex. facebook.  What do you guys think?        Andyrew2007-9-19 9:59:4


  • ArtVersionArtVersion subscriber Posts: 0
    This is proven by many websites such us Web 2.0 communities.  Just take a look at Fliker, YouTube, Digg, even Yahoo and Google.You just need good idea, good contents and a lot of audience and advertisers would line up quickly.
    ArtVersion2007-9-19 10:23:47
  • TexaderoTexadero subscriber Posts: 0
    If you have the visitors and traffic to your site, you can monetize those visitors without directly selling anything to them. Like the others have mentioned, you can advertise.I have two content sites that a very profitable by simply running Google Adsense and Text Link Ads. The key to advertising earnings is to have a site that people actually want to visit and find valuable. If you have visitors that like your site, odds are there are advertisers that want to market to them.Of course if your site is really attractive, you can recruit sponsors directly and skip the middle man like Adsense.
    Texadero2007-9-27 19:19:43
  • Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    All very good points. The only other thing I would throw in there would be what do you consider a success to be?
  • AndyrewAndyrew subscriber Posts: 2
    The generation of a comfortable stream of income first and formost, closley followed by providing the public with a wealth of information which will enable them to save time and money at no cost to them.
  • starrhornestarrhorne subscriber Posts: 0
    I don`t mean to be a contrarian, but...Flickr, YouTube and Digg are all losing money. As are 99% of all web 2.0 companies that only offer free web services. For those companies, the strategy is to get bought before the cash dries up.People do make money from advertising - on blogs, forums, game sites, etc. You can go over to problogger.com for more info on that. But it`s something that has to be hard-won.
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