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Hello, all.

We`d appreciate it you could provide feedback as to the look and feel of our website. We did a total revamp of our initial website after getting a lot of negative albeit honest feedback.


Primary things we`d like to know is:

1. Does it clearly state what we offer?

2. Is it easy to navigate?


Thanks, all.

The website is

Fashem11/24/2007 8:22 PM


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    Thanks for your critique, Craig.


    We`re tweaking the website now. We would like to hire a technical writer but we`re a bit tight with our budget right now. So, we`re trying to minimize costs by doing everything ourselves. Eventually, we will have to hire a technical writer among others. 


    Right now, we`re doing as you suggested and providing a simpler explanation about our product and services. I do admit, it`s a bit hard to explain without having to resort to technical jargon. We will also be making either a demo or a powerpoint presentation of what we do (great suggestion btw). We have already provided screenshots of the products (

    ) and use cases ( ... textmining

    ) but I guess it`s hard to find, which means we have to do something about the navigation.


    Regarding the nice look of the website, we consider it a compliment since our main target is corporate clients. Before, we got a lot of flak since our first website didn`t look "serious" enough.


    Thanks again!


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