Want to be featured in an upcoming book?

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Currently, I am working on a new book focused on making people`s lives better. The book is expected to be published in Spring 2008. I am seeking articles (500-1200 word count) about the following topics:1. Health
    Articles can range from fashion, beauty, weight loss, spirituality, pursuing passion, etc.2. Money
    Articles can range from careers, college education, philanthropy, entrepreneur`s lifestyle, homeownership, etc. 3. Relationships
    Articles can range from parenting, family, pets, love, finding a soul mate, networking, etc.
Featured articles will include the author`s name/title, business name, and website address.
I am looking for a variety of articles with different styles (i.e. 10 Tips to Maintaining a Business Relationship) If you are interested in getting featured, send me an email to [email protected]
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