Good biz name? Tell me the truth.

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Hello. I`m starting a marketing and public relations firm. I would like to know if this is a good name: Sweet Potato Communications. Provide your input and suggestions. Thanks.


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    It would help if you give us some more info about your kind of business. What justifies your choice of "Sweet Potato"? Does it signify for anything?As is, it doesn`t have much impact
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    Just don`t choose something that is generally considered negative, like "Adolf Communications" (That domain is available, by the way, and not surprisingly).
    I realize you`re only trying to make a point, and I may be nitpicking a bit here. But actually, there isn`t a  problem with the name Adolf, in-and-of-itself. In fact, it`s the name of one of the most popular meat tenderizers in the world. I even have some in my pantry.

    And even though it`s a slightly different spelling (Adolph), many people don`t know the difference. Besides, it`s pronounced exactly the same way. In addition, Google has over 3 million pages that contain the name Adolf. And they`re not all about Hitler.
    Now the name Hitler would be a problem. But Adolf is fine. My point is there are obviously exceptions to every rule. But I agree, you should try to stay away from a business name that has a negative connotation.
    Dale King
    DKing11/13/2007 10:56 AM
  • shayla2004shayla2004 subscriber Posts: 19
    My tag line is: "Satisfying your marketing and public relations cravings" Shayla
  • shayla2004shayla2004 subscriber Posts: 19
    It would help if you give us some more info about your kind of business. What justifies your choice of "Sweet Potato"? Does it signify for anything?
    As is, it doesn`t have much impact

    It`s going to be a marketing and public relations firm. I wanted something dealing with food and l like sweet potato pie. I then market myself as a Southern firm that will serve you with hospitality. Would it be better to have a name like, Dynamic Communications? Provide suggestions. Thanks.
  • shayla2004shayla2004 subscriber Posts: 19
    Okay - now I like it.  The tag line makes all the difference.
    What kind of logo will you use?

    I have no idea. Any suggestions?
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    I don`t mind the business name, but I don`t like the tag line at all. "Satisfying your marketing and public relations cravings" sounds like you`re trivializing what you do. Marketing and PR are necessary, they`re not merely done on a whim. If you turned it around to be "All the things you crave in a marketing and pr firm" it still references cravings and your business name, but also speaks to the Southern hospitality and service maybe not found in other firms. As for a logo, a designer will need to know considerably more about your business, your target audience and your competitors before offering meaningful suggestions. Good luck.Lisa 
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    I like both the name and tagline.  I think both convey that you are a warm, friendly, down-home type of individual with whom clients would feel very comfortable.  Both project an invitation to a collaborative working relationship, and an element of implied trust, lacking in the name and taglines of so many firms.
    Good luck with the venture - and adventure!
    - J.
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    I think it sounds like a great name for a business.
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    Its great that you are trying to give your business a unique/vibrant personality and not necessarily going the traditional route. Jeff Fisher couldn`t have summed it better.
    Do strongly consider Sweet Potato "Marketing."
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    Do strongly consider Sweet Potato "Marketing."

    I think "Communications" works better than "Marketing."  "Communications" would seem to give a business much more flexibility in doing writing, public relations, media work, advertising and more.  "Marketing" almost has a negative connotation to many people - too many people calling themselves "marketers" do a great job of turning off customers by being the "damn glad to meet you, stereotypical used car salesmen" types - and then some get confused with MLM individuals.
    By the way, there`s been a great deal of online discussion, discussion at design conferences, and a number of articles written, about graphic designers adopting the term "Visual Communications" to replace graphic design - because it is a clearer, more general description of what graphic designers actually do in their work efforts.
    - J.
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