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Niche Businesses

SharaPCSSharaPCS subscriber Posts: 1
I love niche businesses; they have a harder time getting picked up by the media and have to work that much harder to gain attention and momentum. Typically, they do what they do because they feel a strong passion for their niche, knowing they have something special and  unique to offer the world. It`s great when they succeed and move ahead, full force - well done everyone!


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    VanessaHansfordVanessaHansford subscriber Posts: 0
    I think I'm starting a bit of a niche business so it's great to hear all the positive response. I recently opened the design studio: Duk Design, but the clientele my design attracts is definitely a very specific small group. It's great working with like-minded people but I might have to get more mainstream unless I find new ways to market my business.

    Duk Design
    Vanessa Hansford
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    infinique3infinique3 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    The niche business should have the potential to scale up. Otherwise you're just bringing yourself into a corner.
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    RONPRONP subscriber Posts: 0
    Niche businesses offer the perfect opportunity to get started. You don't need much money and you can leverage technology to compete in the world market and make a descent living. This has only been possible in resent history.
    With the technology that is available today, a new business can be created around just about any hobby or personal interest. This enables a new entrepreneur to focus on something that they are truly passionate about and connect with others who are equally passionate. This makes defining the ideal customer and marketing to them so much easier.
    The new methods of social marketing are just beginning to be fully utilized and niche marketers will be the ones to do it. If it's done the right way it's possible to really crush it with huge financial rewards.
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    rachelscottrachelscott subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    If you plan a good strategy niche businesses can lead to success online through affiliate marketing and stuff
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    KirbyRaymundKirbyRaymund subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    there's this girl who started google for dogs. millionaire now.
    another guy who started selling pre-owned engagement rings. also a millionaire now.
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    WebFoo-InterfaceWebFoo-Interface subscriber Posts: 0
    Niche businesses are the cutest. And it's so much harder to survive as a niche business unless your business adresses a real need that customers recognize.
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    MomentrepreneurMomentrepreneur subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    My niche business has been in the Mom-Entrepreneurial realm. I want to motivate and inspire more mothers to become successful Mom-Entrepreneurs. I even developed a FREE 6DAY workshop sharing my journey to success, inlight of inpiring more success stories. www.themomentrepreneurs.com
    It may not be a popular niche yet, but I hope to make it one soon.
    Peace, Love and Success
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