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Please help me with my business idea

SWRSWR subscriber Posts: 2
Hi all,I`m new to the Startup Nation, but it looks like a very close knit community and I look forward to participating.  I`ve been toying with the idea of starting a business for a while and just haven`t taken the step to do it.  I have been developing Database Applications for 5 years now at a health insurance company, and I want to take my experiences and use them as an independent consultant.  My thought is that I can target small business entrepreneurial types to propel their businesses into new areas by helping to automate their manual processes, and to make their data more accessible.  I think this is a good idea, because most consulting firms seem to target large companies.I`m not quite sure how I want this to work and I need some help figuring out a good business modal.  My original thought was to work with five different companies, contracting with each one of them to work a day a week.  This could be beneficial because it is likely a small business can`t afford a full time database programmer, or else they would probably have already hired one.  The other thought is that I would work on a more traditional project basis where once I`m done with one I`d move onto the next.I really just need some input to see if there is any value to this sort of thing at all.  I don`t have much desire to stay in the bureaucratic corporate world, and working with a large consulting firm seems like it would be more like treating the symptom rather than the problem.Thanks in advance.Shane
SWR2007-2-5 20:41:53


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