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LHEntertainment.net critique, interest kept?

djmessydjmessy subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in Website Critique
LH Entertainment emerged in 2000 as the first-of-its kind event planning and concierge service. Unlike the competition, our founders and staff strive to create everlasting, affordable memories for each client. We currently provide event planning and entertainment services to a growing list of clientèle with varied budgets. Receive our red carpet treatment no matter how much you spend when you hire LH Entertainment to plan your entertainment needs.  Decades of industry experience and our extensive network of contacts insures that our red carpet will roll out for you each and every time. What’s more, what you like to do is always what you will do. Let us plan every detail for you. We don’t just focus on one avenue of entertainment at LH Entertainment. Our packages are varied and can be customized to satisfy your personal preferences and budget.
With our website, we aim to provide visitors with area entertainment information.  We give the user something for free such as Restaurant, Nightclub, Bar and Cultural details of the city.  Looking over the stats on our server, it shows the users do not spend much time on our site.  What can you recommend to make it more interesting and more enjoyable for the user?


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    "What can you recommend to make it more interesting and more enjoyable for the user?"First, don`t advertise here.  Let the reviewers determine your message from the website.Second, the URL?
  • djmessydjmessy subscriber Posts: 1
    Sorry about that, I did not know exactly what to put in my post for the details.

  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Navigation is quite ease, but there`s a couple of quibbles.First, your text is very wordy.  Try to cut it in half - at least on the home page.  The About Us page i also too wordy, and pretty much a longer version of the home page editorial.Next: "events (at) LHEntertainment (dot) net"There are other ways to hide your email addresses from spammers.  This looks downright paranoid.  I have not tried to hide my email addresses in my sites, and either Thunderbird is doing a very good job of catching spam or your email address in the website just isn`t the spam source that is imagined. I get more spam from the email address that I use on my Yahoo groups.I won`t get into your titles.  They are appropriate for the page, but the "Cities" title is stuffed with keywords.  I don`t know how much of the title the search engines scan, but could you spread them out to the other pages?  Others on this group may have a better answer about the keyword stuffing in the page titles.Last, the type is a bit small.  If your intended audience is under 30, then you`re probably OK, but the over 40 crowd will have some difficulty reading it.
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