Franchises or Small businesses

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I have been thinking more about this direct mail advertising service idea would fast food restaurants be a better niche than just small businesses. What are you Sunsters professional opinions.


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    When you say franchises have a lot of support, do you mean they probably already have direct mail service in place?  The thing I’m worried about is can small business afford $150.00 for 1,000 direct mail ads, especially in a bad economic time. Then again their other direct mail service choice is $3,000 per 1,000 ads.
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    I would ask what`s your background?  If you have a strong business background in a business you may find operating independently a viable choice.  If you don`t have a strong business background then the built in structure of a franchised business is probably a better fit.
    The big benefits of a franchise is they give you a plan and the tools needed to be successful using a successful model that has been tested.  Of course the downsides to a franchise is less flexibility in the way the business operates and capital requirements vs a self financed start up.
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    does anyone have any experience with snap-on tools or matco tools franchises? Any key differences between the 2. I know Matco doesnt charge monthly fees.
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