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It is almost heating season!

farmerscottyfarmerscotty subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2006 in Marketing
Hello all !  I am trying to come up with more ideas to promote my website and outside wood heater.  I am using google adwords and MSN adwords and Yahoo words too!  Wrote a press release on PRWEB and released it.......sell on ebay also.  But as with anyone wanting to do things right.......I WANT MORE sales........so here is my little ad that I run in local county papers for 13 weeks in the fall.......take a little time and help a 47 year old farmer come up with something great!
outside wood heater, forced air, 100000 btu, houses or mobiles, shops, up to 2400 sq ft  $1395.00  www.outsidewoodheater.com</A>
I also own www.heatbywood.com</A>  which is shorter....it is a copy of the one above.
So you have little money, but have lots of desire and lots of evenings to work online........what do you do?   What would you do?   FYI  I sold 25 units in July of this year and have over 100 unique visitors a day to website.
Thanks so much for your time.  I think this is going to be a great place to learn and help others.


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    inetjasoninetjason subscriber Posts: 1
    Neat product. I`d consider revising your ads to focus more on the end results (i.e., what is your product going to do for me?):
    "Outdoor wood furnace will heat a 2400 sq ft home for $756 less than propane this winter. Installed in 3 days. $1395.00 - www.domain.com"
    "Enjoy 74 degrees inside this winter with an outdoor wood furnace and save $540 in heating bills (compared to propane). Call today, we`ll install tomorrow. $1395. www.domain.com"
    "Buy a new Harley in four years with the money you`ll save heating your house with the Outdoor Wood Furnace. Heats a 2400 sq ft house for 60% less than propane. $1395. www.domain.com"
    Your ad gives specs and features, which is good for someone currently comparing product X to product Y, but to motivate people you need to show them how buying your product will meet a want (or need) they have.
    The first idea above targets someone looking to save money on heating bills, which is probably a large audience. The second hits the person whose spouse insists on keeping the house at 65 degrees in the winter to save money on heating bills. The last idea would motivate me to buy one.
    My two cents.
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    PRWeb is great.  Have you tried Craigslist?
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    farmerscottyfarmerscotty subscriber Posts: 3
    Yes I have used Craiglist.......I wish I could find free newspapers like the KC STAR that let you put online ads for free.   Ebay shows up good search engines.......and I have written reviews for wood heat on ebay.
    thanks for the ideas ......maybe some more will come along too!
    My front page of website says  "if you like to pay the propane, electric or heating oil companies year after year then STOP this is a money saving site....Don`t waste your time here if you are not looking to save money!" 
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