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How to find clients `~~~

aypearlaypearl subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2006 in Sales
I found a website of the Chinese jewellery manufacturers(aypearl.com). ..Very cheap prices .I would like to buy some sales ..But I do not know how to find my clients ..How should I begin? ...Please help me.


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    ayjewelryayjewelry subscriber Posts: 2
    u need to consult marketing expert and get some professional advice. they may help u find more clients.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Finding clients is the most difficult part of the business for me. I hunt everywhere. The best place I have found new clients are tradeshows. The difficulty is they are typically expensive to become involved, and actual sales may not equal the cost of the event. However, people will know who you are and what you have to offer them.Answer this, and you will have customers. What are you giving the potential customer they do not already have, or can get elsewhere?Solve that, and people will chose you over others. Of course not everyone will become your client, but you will strike thier interest. That`s step one... right?
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    MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    Hello,I started a business similar to this (selling paint). I know that doesn`t sound similar - but your market is. Here is how and why.I began selling my paint at flea markets and have been clearing $1500-$1700 on sat and sun weekly. There are many people at the market that I talk to that sell jewelry and are making around 900% on their sales. Flea markets are one of the cheapest, best places to market because all of your customers come to you - and you could possibly expand from there. It will give you the seed money to do such things as a website, direct mail (which you should contact me about), and wholesale sales of the jewelry. Contact me for more information about how to market your business.
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    TheMarketingStrategistTheMarketingStrategist subscriber Posts: 0
    The place to begin is to develop a business model and marketing strategy.  You need to find a market that will buy your product, develop a marketing plan to effectively penetrate and convert that market into customers, and a solid business growth plan to maintain your business for future growth.
    Suggesting strategies wouldn`t necessarily be helpful to you if the strategies suggested don`t fit into your business model or marketing plan.
    If you want help in getting your business started, please let me know.
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    rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    One of the best and cheapest ways to find clients is via publicity. I helped my friend launch her publicity campain via PRWeb www.prweb.com</A> and got her to get her story together and formal press release.
    What happened is stores saw her release and that got her meetings with store owners who ended up purchasing her doggie jewelery collection.
    whats great about PRWEb is you choose how much exposure you want via how much you donate for your release..donations start at $10 so its very cost effective.
    Listen to this weeks show on Monday where I give an elevator pitch on my company Groove Rock Gear.
    p.s. I am a finalist in the Why I need a vacation contest. Please vote for me "rocknroll333"
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    JoetheRoadWarriorJoetheRoadWarrior subscriber Posts: 2
    An approach I use to get new Clients is based on one of the principles of TRIZ, "The Four Periods of the System". Using this principle, I developed an international marketing/sales methodology and was invited as a Presenter at the 7th International Conference on TRIZ Studies in Brighton MI last year. My paper was published in the International TRIZ Journal in July 2005. It effectively uses SIC/NAICS designator market sector codes and with access to multinational data bases, I am able to develop listings of potential Clients in a very targeted methodology. I have used it successfully with current Clients in SE Michigan. I am beginning to "enter" the global marketplace. "Targeting" is the key!
    I remember the guidance I received when I graduated from a University in SE Michigan in the 1960s regarding how to find a J-O-B. The guidance was "shotgun" your resume to the world. Worst guidance I ever received. Having worked successfully in 54 countries throughout my career, I have found that "targeted" marketing is by far superior. When I am asked the difference between marketing and sales, I simply say "Marketing parachutes into a country, culture or economy, creates the need, develops the requirement and sales comes in and takes orders."
    Just my thoughts on identifying potential new Clients.
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    916salespro916salespro subscriber Posts: 1
    In my opinion you have to start with a marketing plan.  There are so many questions you must answer before you think about sales.  Where is your specific target market?  How large is this target market?  Based on the value of the jewelry, what will your target market pay?  What is your competition doing to attract customers?  
    Start by doing research on your competiton and that will carry you forward.  If you decide to seek professional assistance, my company provide`s free 1-hour marketing consultations.
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    rustymufflerrustymuffler subscriber Posts: 1

    thanks for this post
    My name is Zeb, my brother and I produce Automotive Enthusiast Features, Our marketing plan is simple...do great features on automobiles and then attract automotive aftermarket performance parts companies and distributors to advertise during the features, these are the clients that I want, mainly because I`ve used a lot of these companies for my own car building projects and I would love to promote them, and they get concentrated brand awearness.
    By the way the automotive Aftermarket is a 38 billion dollar a year business, It stands to reason that I should be able to tap into some of that cash flow, fact is I want to make a living advertising great parts companies and giving them a solid vehicle to promoting their products...  (GoRides.com is different in that we are NOT drama TV or reality show stuff like the networks keep doing. Frankly, die hard car guys don`t want drama TV, I know this from being one of them an hanging with them from Boston to California) GoRides.com is Automotive Features for Automotive Enthusiast produced by Automotive Enthusiasts.
    so, where am I going wrong? Am I just to small for them to care?
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    rustymufflerrustymuffler subscriber Posts: 1

    I`m not criticizing you, watch your spelling,  I have a dyslexia so I am keen on good spelling, I personally have to check and check and recheck EVERY THING I write. It`s a challenge to be perfect...But someone once said to me...
    If I look at a business plan with spelling errors, what else have they over looked?
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    dd1dd1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, I am an importer of low cost jewellery and I get clients from the following methods;
    1.Trade fairs.  Expensive but the only way to get 100 new customers in 3 or 4 days.  Must have a very good offer and presentation or you will not get a good return on investment.
    2.  Sales agents.  I pay 15% of all sales to agents.  This is good when you are little (no sales = no commisions to pay) but the agent is working for themselve, not you and it is almost impossible to retain control.  Most agents are unprofessional.
    3.  Website.  This is the most cost effective if you can get your site promoted properly.
    4. Go and visit yourself.  This is not only cost effective but also gives you a better idea of trends and what the customers want.
    5. Advertise in trade guides.   I`ve only had limited success with these.
    6.  Open your studio, or rent a stall to the public,  Every sale have an exercise book and ask if they can be added to your Emailing list.  Then every month send out a "thank you for being a customer" Email.  You will get a lot of repeat business with this.
    I would recommend doing all of the above and measuring the return both in terms of money spent and effort.
    One thing I would recomend NOT to do is advertise in newspapers.  I have consistently found them to be a complete waste of money
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