Strategy for finding partners/management

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This is my first post so if I did not do something right (leave a signature, name, etc) please provide constructive criticism;-)
After 3 years with a start-up I co-founded and helped raise $3 million we are finally closing shop.  I have a solid idea for a new start-up and the channels for funding.  What I lack is a management team to approach investors.  I think having a solid team of 2-3 people with succesful experiences and accomplishments is the #1 way to get funding.  My expertise is technology.  I can take any interactive product from concept to execution.  What I need is to find a business counterpart to be the CEO and a person with solid sales in the interactive advertising space.
I will be hitting my network in the coming month but I was also looking for other resources, site and strategies to find the right partners.  I have initial financial projections and an investor presentation in the works to pitch people.  All i need is to find these partners.  For all I know their are people out there with the same idea, looking for a partner to execute the technology.Any recommendations would help.  If you are interested yourself, leave me a response and I can PM you to discuss further.
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