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Which SEO software

sbuckinghamssbuckinghams subscriber Posts: 9
Hi Guys,
Having been running my website for a little more than 12 months part time, ive now decided to give it a bit more attention, add more variety of products etc and work on SEO.
I am thinking of attacking SEO from all angles, i.e Submit articles on high rank article sites, links on high rank link sites.
Ive seen some softwares like SEO Elite that say they do exactly that, but at a price tag of $167, i need some un-biased views.
Have anyone used it? or any other SEO software? all views welcome


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    WEB CEO is a nice free program that will give you a lot of information.
    As far as links .... don`t place inbound links on link farm sites, or in directories that aren`t relevant to your site .... there are thousands of general web directories, and they are pretty much worthless as far as boosting your traffic or doing anything positive for your site.
  • AdamArnoldAdamArnold subscriber Posts: 0
    I see no point in SEO software and to be honest I can`t see how it would do anything other than spam.
    Focus on the basics:
    1. Content is KING. Keep your site content relevant to the product you are selling. Ensure there are plenty of pages (if you are selling eggs, how about "about eggs", "egg FAQ", "eggs by name", "eggs by weight", "eggs by design".... etc etc) as opposed to just one.
    2. Inbound links, not outgoing. And make sure the links are on relevant sites and not simply dumped on link farms.
    3. You need a sitemap.
    You would be better off using the above hints as a starting point and reading on SEO for a while. The £100 on the SEO software would just be a waste of money IMHO.....
  • SusanSmithSusanSmith subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    Try using IBP (Internet Business Promoter). This is a good SEO software with multiple utility and ability to generate reports and auditing of websites.
    Try researching and asking review about this software from other members before you buy it.
  • movingsoftwaremovingsoftware subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Well, there are several SEO softwares available with which one can easily promote their website online for improved rankings in all major search engines.
  • TheStreetTeamTheStreetTeam subscriber Posts: 3
    In my idea please don't spend your money in automated software. Because it is also risky for your site. You can give your work in any SEO company and they do white hat seo for your site.
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