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Rewarding Employees

SamXSamX subscriber Posts: 1
I am a HR of a software firm. This year, we thought of gifting the top performing employees of the company. However, we want to go for something different, something which is a class apart than the usual stereotype corporate gifts.
A budget of Rs. 3500-4000 per employee is recommended. Please let me know your ideas.
Thanking in advance.


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    GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi there SamX!  It`s wonderful to hear that not everyone has cut out incentive programs this year.  Folks have used my product as a customer / employee holiday gift, BUT in your case it sounds like you need something a little more extravagant.  Check out  www.opulentitems.com  The "office" tab (especially the decor) has some fun stuff.
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    Roshan99Roshan99 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am an employee in a software firm. I would love to get a electronic gadget like ipod  which comes in your budget .Music is a great stress buster everyone enjoy it. i think i have got a perfect link for this. see it yourself.  ipodyourlife.com.. hope it comes help to you.
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    jcwilde1jcwilde1 subscriber Posts: 2
    I think there are so many things that people can like that your only safe bet is to give them a choice. Some may want money, some may want extra time off, some may wan a trip. Maybe give them some options and let them choose. It could only help relations in the future because then you can find out what drives your best performers.
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    JasonAJasonA subscriber Posts: 0

    Actually, I might have found a solution to this. There have been some posts on Apple having some corporate offer on the iPods.http://www.ipodyourlife.co.in/make_it.aspx
    Working around the budget for this.

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    Roshan99Roshan99 subscriber Posts: 0
    Ipod sounds like a decant gift. Even our company is giving out ipod this christmas .Everyone is trilled about
    it. thanks for that link. which made my hr head to take ipod as the gift of
    this season.
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    JasonAJasonA subscriber Posts: 0
    Its very important to gift the employees on holidays after a hard working period . It shows the company also think of them rather than they think about it. Gifting an iPod to them will be a good one. It`s affordable, ( the least 1GB iPod shuffle comes for only Rs. 2300) stylish and have a class of it own.
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    passion09passion09 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Smax,
    you have no idea how desperate are the top performing employees to get their rewards.
    And when they are given the rewards, they should not be disappointed. This would reduce their morale and performance. The best gift for these performers, I think, must include something for the performer and a little for the spouse. This would make them feel belonged because not only the performer is attented to , but his/her  family. And when there is an emotional touch, believe me they feel more attached.
    think about it , and let me know if you like it.(just a thought)
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    RosscoGRosscoG subscriber Posts: 0
    Money is awesome, period.
    And if you want to really let them know how valuable they are, get this dollar amount printed on HUGE checks. You know those huge checks you give people when donating to charities and the like? Do this.
    Of course, you can`t cash it; it is a mock up of the real check. But present this in a ceremonial way, and they will feel appreciated- rather than have them feel like they have been gifted in a faceless/dollar amount kind of way. (which is still okay for me)
    But you can really speak volumes going that extra mile, make `em feel appreciated Like you put some thought in to it.
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    philstonephilstone subscriber Posts: 0
    Motivation is an important factor which brings employees satisfaction. No matter what size your company, having a motivated workforce is critical to your success, especially these days. Motivation is an important factor which encourages persons to give their best.
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    timothyhadltimothyhadl subscriber Posts: 0
    Based on your budget i would suggest you to offer that in term of coupon and the employees can redeeme it according to thier requirement.
    professional employer organization in chicago
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