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12 Secrets to Managing People

SamGoodmanSamGoodman subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2011 in Business Planning
These are my Dirty Dozen:Ok they are not secrets and I am not the
origin of any of them. Well, #8 might be mine, but the idea isn’t.Real Quick: I have had my own chain of cafes in Beijing.I have been a Partner at the world`s
largest executive recruitment firm.I have advised and negotiated for
Westinghouse Nuclear on their successful bid for 4 nuclear power plants in China.I am now working on a site that with the
premise that people should be recognized and rewarded based on their ability to
Get Stuff Done.I don`t know everything, but I have made and
seen plenty of mistakes and hope you can avoid them.#1.
System Dictates BehaviorMake sure to align your business goals with
the individual`s goals, because if they are not you can be sure that someone is
going to find a way to game your system to get what they want.#2.
Have everything in writingThis may be obvious, but you would be
surprised how many times, the basic rules and plans are only verbalized. The act of putting it in writing forces you
to communicate clearly. Just because
something is clear in your head, doesn`t mean the other person `gets it`. And
this is even more true when you are not there to walk them through each step and
provide guidance or interpretation in the training process.#3. Do
your homework Before you even look for someone, be clear
what the job description is. Surf the net, download some of the 100`s of
examples, cut, paste and craft one of your own.Then make sure you know the Top 10 f*@k-ups
people make managing whatever position you are managing. Whatever it is, it`s been written about.
Google it, it`s worth the time invested.Hmmm...Maybe this should be #1#4.
For skilled labor - go with proven talentOh sure your buddy`s best friend who used
to be a designer [u:16vnyv1d]might [/u:16vnyv1d]make a good marketing manager, but your odds of
success are higher by going with proven talent. There are no gaurantees in business, all we
can do it work on improving our chances.#5.
For unskilled labor - hire for attitude, train for skillsIf you can train someone to do the job in
2-3 days, then get those with the best attitude and train them! Having to deal with someone who already
`knows` how to do it that is different from your way, well un-training a skill
is tough. So unless their way is the better way, in which case everyone will
learn from them, K.I.S.S. use your way.#6.
Proper InterviewingGo to monster.com, get some of the top
interview questions, know what you are looking for and then prepare 5-10
questions that you will ask every interviewee.Oh yeah, print out a page for each
interviewee with space to make comments. You will forget details after a few
When it comes to hiring - Go with your gutGreat resume, great interview, great
references, but bad vibe?Hmmm... unless you had a really bad night`s
sleep, ate something bad, or are having massive stress from outside factors, go
with your gut. If you are in doubt, interview them again,
but my old man used to say, "When in doubt, don`t."<he may have been talking about eating
food, but it works here too>#8.
Ability X Motivation = SuccessThink of this as a mathematical formula and
you can`t go wrong. Zero times 100 is still zero. So when you have that really sweet, fresh graduate
that just... doesn`t...get it, let them go. And when you have that brilliantly talented, grumpy,
poison-in-the-office type who constantly under performs, let them go. While you certainly need to know which management
style to use for each employee, but you cannot spend all your time trying to
motivate the unmotivated or train the untrainable.Summary of #4 through #8 - Get the right
people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus. From Good to Great#9. Goal
Setting and Pay for PerformanceThis follows from #1, #2 and #8.Make sure your player are clear what they
need to do to succeed and then reward them appropriately.In fact, your reward policy should be
transparent (#1)Remember you get what you go for.#10.
Over CommunicateThis should not be confused with micro
managing, but rather creating a system to check the team is on the right path
and hitting their milestones.#11.
Walk the walk Don`t expect your staff to act in a way
that you yourself do not. #12.
People time is important timeBe you a manager or a leader, spending time
with your team is important. Not to
solve their problems, but to help them be better, understand you better, know
where they are having problems better , the list can go on and on.Organize/manage your time so there is
connection time. If you don`t do this,
you will see yourself facing `interruptions` and fire fighting or baby
sitting. That sort of thinking is not
helpful.Hope this helps.CheersSam Goodmanme-2-b.com - People you can count on.


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