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Spiritual jazz/coffee cafe

dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2007 in Selecting a Business
I just read about someone  asking for information regarding a bar/night club  but what about a spiritual coffee shop that offers jazz and have family nights and live local entainment .
Do anyone have suggestions or ideas  for this type of buisness? How  to get it up an running , promoting such a establishment ??
I am in the process of writing a business plan. I would need some help with   funding the business.
Any help or suggestions would be appericated 
A Big Thanks to All


  • KMGoffKMGoff subscriber Posts: 0
    What`s your local jazz scene like?  Find out about the hotspots both around town and online.  For instance, ask the local jazz nightclubs if you can post flyers, and do the same for music stores that sell jazz CDs (don`t just leave your flyers there - they usually aren`t welcomed without permission).  Online, find out if your city has a website for local musicians where you can advertise your new venue.  It might especially help if you let them know that you`re looking for live acts.  Sometimes online email lists and forums can give you a taste of what`s in your area.  If you`re near a college with a music degree program, you can call the music department and ask if they have a list of students looking for performance opportunities - a lot of colleges do.Some businesses around here have had success by finding a local newspaper reporter to write a story about their new venue.  You could take the same tactic with local spiritual stores (not sure what kind of spirituality you`re featuring) and organizations, and parenting groups.  Think about where your clientele might hang out - big spiritual events in your town?  If so, go to the events with business cards, and introduce yourself to people and hand out your business card, which will have your website or social networking site on it.  I just met a fellow who was opening a spirtually-oriented coffeeshop, and he did this.  He met a lot of people who were delighted to find out about a new local hangout.If you`re doing anything in music business, especially if you`ll be catering to music-lovers 35 and under, you should have at least one popular social networking account like Myspace or Facebook.
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    how is a "spiritual coffee shop" different from a non-spiritual coffee shop?
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    This  will be a coffee/smoothie kick back type of atmsophere place where open  mike / karoke some nights and jazz/bands  from different avenues - local talent will be presented. Jazz is  a good thing here !!!!
    Spiritual - where no alcohol/smoking /  Faithbase atmosphere / all faiths  from  all walks of life  will be welcome
    Will be catering to a family -orientated atmosphere on a particular nite and then have adults nite  for some nice jazz music in a relaxing atmosphere.
    Thanks for all the input !! Keep it coming !  
  • BBlairBBlair subscriber Posts: 0
    It sounds good; my only question would be how would you have a faith based atmosphere, while appealing to all faiths?
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