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misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
edited June 2006 in Thought Leadership
Subject: Free `How-to` Information
It may appear that I`ve been posting a lot of topics on this board recently and that is correct! For months I`ve been wanting to find a forum of this brand - and the subjects are piled up in my intellect. I hope I haven`t board anyone. There is one more thing I would like to discuss! That is the usage of big names and `how-to` references in forum submissions.
Many people believe that a `how-to` person is a character of certainy. I won`t list any particular authors here (to save myself from libel). But, I hope to provide you with some warning about that kind of stuff.
Did you know that `how-to` is a product? Just like a car or any other product made? When you purchase a car - the auto. company makes a profit - and that`s why they are in biz (period). It`s the same with `how-to` industry, goal of making a profit by getting your hard earned dollars.
CanI make a suggestion: `How to make a quick fortune` by Tye Hicks - in this book he suggest that you create `how-to` for profits and recognition.
There are couple of problems with `how-to` - when you use this material given, you become an `emulator` (instead of an originator) and the complexity is a major obsticle, too!
Can you really believe that if I read a `Bill Gates` book and applied his knowledge in my life - things are better? How can you really believe my life would improve?
Recently, I heard that Mr. Palmer of Microsoft said that their applications needed more gadgets and buttons(kind of - this ain`t a quote - you get the point!).
If I listened to Mr. Palmer and Microsoft`s `how-to` philosopy than I would go out and buy MS Office, right!(put it on my credit card/ plastic words, money and product)? However, I recently acquired Open Office (Suns Microsytems office app.)for free! over the internet(dam good!) and saved hundreds of dollars not going with M.S. Suite(but according to MS their suite is better -because it has more bells and whistles - Got it?). Would I really have gained from buying M.S. over the Free version with less? When would I really made/saved more with Gates app.? 3-Months? 6-Months?
I can apply the money saved, and free! app. NOW!! in my business!!I am a startup biz and don`t believe that their suggestion would do me much good!! So much for Palmer`s How-to! He doesn`t know my situation, and to apply his (or anyone elses advice is complex) knowledge under my circumstances isn`t helpful(maybe down the road - i`ll buy!).(another eg.)I read a book by Napolean Hill and Clement Stone - sounded wonderful, but six months later I had difficaulty with it(Why?). And, if I took that attitude to my Catholic College for argumentation, it would take weeks/ months to see if it would help me with anything(I must accept it as clever sound bites until proven!!).
CanI say this - Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich -  `You have a mind and brain of your own, use it` - I believe he was correct.
My Free `How-to`: Please Don`t let `How-to` authors rule your spiritual estate!! Use this website forum for help instead!!


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    You`re a hoot Mr. Wicks!
    Napoleon Hill, a great man and historian of many a great man, also said:
    "The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat."
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    misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
    during the early days of civilization people built fires to stay warm, but natural conditions of wind and rain kept them longing for more outcome - you can deduce this from stories of the great wars, such as George Washington`s historic battles around Valley Forge. Eventually, `man& will resolve a problem - I believe.
    Yes, what my dictionary says about desire: `To wish or long for; want.` I guess Mr. Hill was around before I was a baby!! Good Point. Thanks.
    p.s. I wish that Encyclopias would recognize `Hill` as they did Stone, Carnigie and Washington. Not an entry.
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