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Add Water and Stir Legal....

misterwicks2006misterwicks2006 subscriber Posts: 11
anyone with a typewriter and five buckscan sue another. Did you know that?I saw an episode on Judge Judy T.V. Programwhere a young woman bought a car thathad a sign - runs great, needs worklate model etc. But the girl signs a contract that states:
`car is As-is` - You should know whathappens there! Judge Judy made it veryclear (to viewers) that anything outside the white ofthe paper is nothing. So now the girl is responsiblefor paying for the car, towing it off the propertyand (maybe) collecting$ at the dump, too! 
What are some ways to protect yourselfin business, legally?
(the answers are opinions - you shouldseek legal advisor service before you do


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    bluespiritbluespirit subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi There,
    I practice and preach caution and preparation.  Take your time and do a little homework.
    It takes ten minutes to type up a contract... don`t `transact` without one!  And feel free to type up your own addendums to any contracts that seem vague or that you don`t fully understand ... stating your unserstanding of the terms, perfomance, timetables, quality, any verbal promises or warranties, etc.  Don`t do business with anyone who won`t agree to work with you on those terms.
    I also use Prepaid Legal Services and find them worth their weight in gold.  Knowing you have legal representation can also lubricate negotiations when issues arise to fix problems.  They may try to jerk you around but usually know better than to antagonize your attorney! PPL offers Practically unlimited Legal advice, contract and document review, letters, etc. for a low monthly fee.  I was so impressed I became an Associate.
    Let me know if you want my website or more information.
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