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Need Sales People

MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
Hello Everyone,
I own a printing and graphic design studio. I`m mainly a print broker (the guy who can get you the best prices from the best printers) and graphic designer. By being a print broker I can process around 200-225 jobs a day - which would be serious money. My problem is getting the work. I have thought a great deal about it and I realize that I`m a one man team. I need SALES PEOPLE!. So, if you or anyone you know is interested in selling printing to medium to large sized companies, please contact me.

Also, how do you all get the majority of your work? You just started a business, you know your craft, but how will you let other people know about your craft.


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    JackedeJackede subscriber Posts: 1
    Alot of cold calls my friend!

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    MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    How do you go about getting their business information? Internet, yellow pages? And when you do call - say a big organization, who do you ask for, The purchasing dept? or the owner?
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    JackedeJackede subscriber Posts: 1

    I research companies, find out what they do, see what they have done in
    the past, (printing), call either someone in purchasing or marketing,
    explain what you have to offer and set an appointment. Show samples of
    your work, prefereably something that is related to what they do. Sell
    yourself... the quality of your work, and live up to your promises or
    commitments. Tell them that you want them to try you out... the
    printing business is pretty competitive, so you really have to do what
    you say.

    Does that help...?

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    drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Chris,

    Look at some of the books out there. There is all kinds of information
    about this subject. One of the members to this forum, Jeff Fisher has a
    very good book out titled "The Savvy Designer`s Guide to Success".
    Another one I`m currently reading is titled "Self-Promotion for the
    Creative Person". There are many, many books. Some others in my
    bookcase include:

    The Business of Graphic Design - by Ed Gold
    Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers - by Crawford & Bruck
    Artist & Graphic Designers Market - by Mary Cox

    Here are several design forums that have a wealth of information:

    Forum at Graphics.com[/

    <a rel="nofollow" href="
    http://forum.howdesign.com/&quot; target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Forum at HOW Magazine

    Lastly, network, network, network!
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    MilasMediaMilasMedia subscriber Posts: 5
    Thank you girlwiredin,
    That is really good information. I have taking everyones advice and it has gotten me 12 new jobs this week. I have been going into businesses, not taking up too much of their time, handing them a postcard of mine, and I got 80% calling me back! I even got an order from a pizza shop for 50,000 menus! Market price is $8,000 but I told him 7,500 and he said sure, he`s paid way more before. I want to thank everyone who replied for their input - I owe you all. And if you ever need printing, let me know, I will give you the greatest deal you ever had. Good luck in your ventures.
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