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Photograph site review

AstarothSolutionsAstarothSolutions subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Website Critique
Finally finished encoding the client section of my photograph services website so now just need to get round to adding the portfolio pictures 
Any how.... comments/ critiques welcome for http://www.astarothimages.co.uk</A>


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    ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Hey there - good looking site (important, I think, for a photography website!) - couple of quick points; I might suggest moving your title tag up in the code above the meta and link tags (from an seo standpoint). Also, on the Portfolio page, it`s a minor issue, but the copy mentions "on the following pages", but there`s no direct link to those `other pages`, although I`m assuming you`re referring to the side navigation links for types of photos. Might just suggest putting some links in the copy to those other pages (I expected to see them there).
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Awesome site. I really think the style and mood it sets is exceptional. I agree with 
    `s comment though. I was a little lost when I clicked `portfolio` and didn`t see a method of viewing portfolio images. When I read the copy, I thought the portfolio had not been uploaded yet... then I noticed the links on the left navigation had changed. I then thought to myself, "oh, I get it. that`s where the portfolio images are. they`re divided up into these categories."  I just wish it was more noticeable that the left navigation became the navigation for the portfolio environment.Again, great looking site.
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    bluewaterbluewater subscriber Posts: 1
    Definitely a good first impression when you enter...The only criticism I have at 3:30am is related to the post from LifeTranscender.  On my screen your main body text is hard to read... the font size is quite small AND the contrast ( text against background) is very low compared to everything else on the page. I`d suggest maybe bumping up the brightness of your body text  (#D3C8B1 ?) to make it stand out more and easier to read.  Otherwise  great! 1280 x 800 - Firefox 2.0
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