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What is your take

rycrow69rycrow69 subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Home-Based Businesses
I heard on CNBC (and trust me, I feel exactly the same) That you will not get rich (I know that it is a realitve term) working for someone else. I desprilatly want, desire, crave to start my own business but as I more or less stated prior, I don`t have much money.
Can anyone lead me in a direction that is inexpensive to start but will, reap some rewards (no, I am not talking about google size rewards) and can help spring board me in to bigger and better things.
I am truly looking forword to your suggestions and ideas.
Also I would seriously entertain working together with some/all of you on getting this started ASAP. (same as some of the other nationites are doing in the other forum).
All that I ask is to keep the costs low, but if the costs are spread around the bigger we can start.
Love to hear from you.
Ryan rycrow692007-7-31 3:5:27


  • vegsoyladyvegsoylady subscriber Posts: 0

    I agree with Craig! "Patience, passion, persistence"
    I like what I do and have going for me and if you are interested go to my company website and check it out: www.candlemoney4mom.scent-team.com</A>
    1. I pay 39.95/month for my package deal, which is worth 49.95. It is important that it is such a small cost
    2. I add a networker to my group and I receive 10% of their C.V. Eventually the more I add to my group, my package is then paid for and as it grows more, I get more. When those that join me add to their candle group, I receive 5% of their Commissionable Volume. There are 8 levels within this company available.
    3. This system is slow if you go slow. Fast if you work it. These products are quality product and happens to sell to 90% of the women in the world.
    4. Anyone can do this.....it is up to you to make it work for you. You need your " Patience, Passion and Persistence" to be there.
    5. This is a DEBT FREE company!! Definately something that is a concern as well when looking for a company to get on with.
    Here is my website. www.candlemoney4mom.scent-team.com</A>
    Thank you for your time.

  • rycrow69rycrow69 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Craig for making me feel like an idiot.
    I don`t remeber saying that I wanted to be google tomorrow.
    As any civil person that wants to start a business knows, growth can be very slow.
    I was hoping to attract "like minded" people who may not have a home business already or maybe some that do have a micro business and maybe we could bounce ideas off of each other and get a feel for something that could work as a side venture until enough money was made to move to a bigger project.
    Maybe work with multiple streams of income as DBA`s.
    No craig or vegsoylady, I don`t want the world tomorrow, but I will have my world in time.
    So with that said, any one out there who wants to bounce ideas off of each other to see if we/I/us can come up with something new or maybe it is something that you have been looking in to that we could talk about, to start bringing in the funds to help us get our feet wet.
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    well an ebay store is relatively cheap to start. I think offering a unique product is where you`ll get most your cashflow from.
    Yes its true, working for someone else you`ll not get rich because the person above you is the one taking the risk and the one getting rich. The greats part of working for yourself to ME, isnt just about the money, it`s the freedom. You wanna go to the mall at 10:30AM, go do it, take a nap at 1:00 go ahead.  The positives about money is that there is NO LIMIT, that is the key.Working for someone else you might make 50K a year with marginal rasies (hopefully) year over year. With entreprenuers yoiu could make 50K in a month or only 5K a year depending on the business you start and how successful it is. So becareful not to assume cashflow of X amount because every business has it`s up and downs and YOU must mediate the usage of cash.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... I found it interesting that your felt CraigL made you feel like an idiot. I have been contributing to this forum since April of `06 and CraigL started contributing in Sept of `06. During that time I have never found CraigL to be condescending or argumentative.  Could it be that your post did not convey the concept you were trying to present as clearly as you expected? Could it be that this lack of clarity is in part, the reason you are in the situation you are in? I think CraigL was right on when posting his first contribution to this post.One thing is absolute, you cannot achieve ANY success without the help, or team effort of others. How you respond to ideas and conversations you are less inclined to agree with tells others a lot about you. We (or at least I) am wondering... hmmm. Do I want to work with someone who comes across a little hot headed? Will that benefit my effort to work with you or provide you access to new income earning methods?PS. you have a few typos in your profile.
    ... I agree... "Patience, passion, persistence"
    iouone22007-8-1 13:8:24
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