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Christian Jazz -Coffee Shop

dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2007 in Selecting a Business
I am interested in starting a jazz-coffeeshop faith base. I need some input and ideas how to get this off the ground. I am great with people and peolple are my passion and having a good time as well in a comfortable, no smoking , no drinking atmosphere. Finger Foods would be served I want it to be a place you can bring family and friends and I want the enviroment to have  home type feelingAny suggestions how to get this started or how I could find investors?   .  
delly2007-2-22 23:22:55


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Christian Coffee Shop. Not to my taste, but not a bad idea. Why not ask your church to invest or church members? For equity. Though many cooks tends to spoil the...
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    I though of that but my church has small amount of members at this time so they would not be able to help . The church is still getting establish.
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    Does your church have a building? Theres nothing that says you need to have an established business location at first. You could use the church and offer them a share of the profits. They might use that instead of rent. Also many churches have kitchens, so theres a great place to cook your finger foods.
    Well if your church doesnt have a building then look at some of the organizations in town. Also depending on the type and environment. Such as daytime activities when there isnt a band playing. You might look into grants.
  • onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Or possibly look to another church. The denomination should not matter I would think because as a place of business you would want to solicit to all faiths. It could also be some members of the church who may be interested in helping you. where is your venture located? Are there enough people who would prefer your place to a Starbucks?
  • Kmbr39Kmbr39 subscriber Posts: 1
    Start with family, friends, and go back to church members.  Make a business plan.  This will not only help you finalize if it is really feasible or not, but if you need financing, they will take you more seriously than someone who walks in the door empty handed.  This will also force you to look at your competition and create a possible budget.  This can be quite a process, but is extremely valuable!
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    Carlisle Business Solutions
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    I am located in Goodyear, Az. I would like for this venture to be on the west side of town . The church that I attend is young and just getting started . They meet in a school  and  at this time their are no members that are able to invest. I am working on a business plan at this time so that I can get some investors.I would this to be in a house type setting so it could be family oriented and open to all faiths.   
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    Some of the churches have started hosting events with bands once a month  in there cafeteria or youth building . My church meets in a school . There are no places like the venture I am thinking off. I want this to be where people of all faiths can come and meet and talk to people and listen to music and dance with out cig. smoke and liquor . ed
    I would like to have weddings, different Christian events, meeting and etcI would like to find a house that I could open this type of business  in . I have no acknoweldge of grants for this venture .         
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks all for the information. I have gotten some good ideas from people even the Sloan Brother. For all the folks out there  on the west side (AZ)they will be here in Az in two weeks and I plan to visit them while they are here hosting a seminar.
    I am currently working on a business plan and.trying to network with coffee shops to get information and pricing out equipment I would need . I would love for this to be set up in a house type environment if possible. I no that zoning might be a issue  Do anyone no how to handle that problem or to get commerical zoned for a house and what would it take?
    I  welcome all suggestion and ideas to get this off the ground !!!    
  • REM506REM506 subscriber Posts: 0
    Where are you and your business located?
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for this information . I will be in contact with them . This is the same concept that I would like to get started . I have not been able to find out much information regarding Christian business in AZ.    
    I will be taking a class that is offered through SBA to write a business plan. Hopefully, by the time I am finished my business plan will be written and I will be able to present it to people who might want to invest with me.
    Any ideas or  futher suggestions will be a big help.
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    By the way I would like to host this business in a home type environment . So my idea is to rent or buy a house in a area  that would allow this type of business . I have to look in to the zoning areas  and it might be hard to find a house that is set up for commerical zoning .
    Any ideas on this???   
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Katt33, Thank for the suggestions.
    I am getting enrolled through SBA for a women`s workshop for 10 weeks on writing a business plan. When I finish the workshop I should have completed my business plan. Will stay in touch.
    Where are you located at ?
  • RedRockChiliRedRockChili subscriber Posts: 0
    Be careful if theres a Starbucks or giant coffee chain close it will be a uphill battle for customers right out of the gate.
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice !! I agree with you totally.
    I am still unsure how to put this together . I am going to a orientation to start on writing my business.
    Any ideas will be appericated !!!
  • dellydelly subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks for the suggestion I have been talking to people and getting good feedback .I plan to do a survey with people in the area, etc  
    It will be open to anyone that wants to come in   . I want it to be a place that people feel at home while drinking their coffee and  receive that spirtual uplifting feeling if they so desire 
    I want to have family nite -something such as  karoke. People are looking for clean fun with their children . I hope to be able to have fun things going on  comedy nite, game nite  etc 
    Looking for  Suggestions and  Ideas  please !!!!!
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