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rtg1rtg1 subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
Hi Everybody
I am a marriage celebrant who operates in Tasmania Australia - thus intended couples from anywhere in the world can come toHobart in Tasmanian to be married by me.
The intention of my web site www.celebranttas.com  is to attract customers to my professional services - & then hire me & make some money!
The site was developed by a service provider with the words written by me, and images provided by me.
I understand and there are two things to be adjusted - 
1  some images in the navigation area (on left) are missing and
2. the list of meta descriptions and keywords are too long. I am revieweing this in order to trim it..
In the meantime I understand that the site is up and running.
Now I need help for two reasons
1    I am not computer/technical savy and need guidance
2.    There coms a time when `you cannot see the trees for the woods" - you are too familar with the site - I am at this stage
Can you review with the following things in mind--
 user-freindly, readibility, scannability, has interest, look and feel, navigation, level of information - too much too little , images, headings , bolding of words,
as well as the more technical side - wedcopy, SEO, design. and so on.
Please feel free to comment on any aspact of the site.
Many Thanks
Russell Goonan
Civil Celebrant


rtg12/12/2008 7:10 PM


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    rtg1rtg1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi CraigL
    Many thanks for your response to my site details
    I  understand what you are saying about defining the term "marriage celebrant", and will work on some words to clarify it.
    I will ask my site developer about incorporating a map
    Thanks again
     rtg12008-2-12 21:9:55
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Since you are using Joomla CMS for the website, there are some limitations as far as SEO and design. Here are a few things to consider:

    Change the favicon from the default joomla icon to your own, or delete it.
    Use a transparent background or color matching the background of your pages for the graphics on your site. So they "blend in" with the web page.
    Add alt image tags to the graphics that complement your targeted keywords and/or the graphic itself. (Rather than "banner" or "slogan" as your about me page has).
    The FAQ are not user friendly. That may be a default feature, but when I click on one to read, I must go back to view the rest of the questions or click "next" to walk through each one. It would be better to display the answers on the same page as all the questions.
    Having your domain name appear in the title of each page is unnecessary. If it must be there, it should be after the title of the page. This may be a design limitation of the CMS program.

    In general, the site is fairly bland. If part of your service is to arrange for wedding venues - like wedding on the beach etc, then some representative photos would help.
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    rtg1rtg1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Roland
    Many thanks for your comments.
    I have altered the alt image tags as suggested.
    The FAQ area is restricted by the CMS program
    I will raise the favourite icon, graphics & background, and domain name comments with the serbvice providr.
    It is my intention to add representative photos as they become available , as well as testimonials
    Again, many thanks for you time and comments
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