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Wrapping around Sales Tax!

russbrussb subscriber Posts: 3
edited February 2008 in Business Planning
Hey guys!
After all the reading and researching, I finally filed for my LLC in Colorado! It was such a big step, knowing that I have moved from the "dream" to the "waking-up-slowly-but-still-kinda-dreaming" phase! I thought I read and understood all the sales tax info in Colorado, but I now seem to have information overload and need some advice to hopefully snap me out of it. I am trying to file for my EIN at the IRS, but the last screen asked me what county I am in... Uh oh... For the record, I have filed everything myself using NOLO`s awesome books!
I am currently military (in Europe) and plan on settling in CO, and like I said, I already have the LLC filed but since this is an internet retail business I am not sure what county to use! Should I just pick one? Getting my EIN and filing the sales tax forms are a burden without these! I am so confused at this point...
Wasn`t sure where else to post this, but thanks in advance for any replies!


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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    If you already filed your LLC, I would use the same address that your LLC uses. In Idaho where we are incorporated we do all our filing online and that makes it real easy. Colorado should have the same service.
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    russbrussb subscriber Posts: 3
    Hmm ok... That makes sense I guess. Colorado doesn`t require you to have an address in CO to file (If I worded that right), I guess my business address is my current address. That being said, I wonder what county my APO address falls under now or if I can specify "NA"... I might need to call the IRS EIN office to sort this out.
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