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Gramlee.com - you write, we edit || PLEASE CRITIQUE

rushangrushang subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
Gramlee is an online service that helps people ensure their writing (email, documents, etc.) is powerful, professional and to-the-point.  The site is currently in beta (interpret as "free to use").  It will be going live (paid) soon.In addition to critiquing the website, I would love to hear your thoughts on:1. the value the service delivers, and 2. whether you or someone you know would pay for something like thisThe bottom line:Critique the websiteCritique the concept behind the endeavorThanks everyone.Rushangrushang2007-7-12 16:27:46


  • olegoleg subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Your site doesn`t work in Internet Explorer 7 - all I see is the background and 2 script errors.
  • rushangrushang subscriber Posts: 1
    Too much coffee and a late night can do that to you.  Internet Explorer wasn`t liking the Google Analytics I added to it.  Should be fixed now.  Thanks all!
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Graphically the site has a nice look and flow to it.There`s nothing on the home page that tells me why I would need your service.I would move the last two paragraphs in "why" to the home page and move your Free Trial/demo to it`s own page.  Perhaps you should drop the "why" page completely and move some of the content to the home page.  Also, this paragraph: "
    Your written communications speak volumes about you." does nothing for me.  For that matter, neither do the bullet points.Steve
  • rushangrushang subscriber Posts: 1

    ,Please post the Javascript that you mentioned.  I was looking around for it but couldn`t find that sort of code snippet.When the paid service comes around (very soon), there will be a provision to upload an entire document.  This should alleviate any concerns related to retaining text formatting.
  • rushangrushang subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks nhgnikole.  I found another script this morning that does the same thing.  Thanks for suggesting the idea in the first place!
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