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CascadeStar.com - Fine Jewelry Website



  • CascadeStarCascadeStar subscriber Posts: 3
    This is the first time I saw the site, and right off the top - the photos are perfect.
    Like Craig, I did find the site compelling to investigate, not just for the photos (my business), but for the information.  I would, however, add a photo on the landing page of a model`s hand and wrist (holding a bouquet) showing off some of your work.  Maybe the neckline of a bride wearing one of your necklaces.
    Get rid of the Site Pal cartoon characters.  They add nothing to the site and may be hurting your high-end image.[/quote]
    Videography,  thanks for your expert advice.  I included the Sitepal feature to add some pizazz and technological sophistication to the website to improve its credibility in the eyes of the visitor.  If you feel that the Sitepal feature adds nothing to improve the site`s credibility, then I think I may remove it.  
    I did enjoy reading about the process, etc.  I`ve never seen this much information on the web before - it almost looks like you are taking me on a tour of the facility.  Of course, I would recommend a video for this purpose, or at least a slide show with better narration and background music.
    Great idea about the video.  It could be a nice replacement for Sitepal.  Thanks for the suggestion.
    I also agree with Craig that you need to reassure the client that they are safe spending this much money to an Internet Merchant

    I have tried to incorporate as much reassurance as possible into the site but if there are suggestions as to how I can improve the credibility of the site further and reassure the customer, I would love to hear them.  Thanks!
  • DavidTishbiDavidTishbi subscriber Posts: 0
    Nice design jewelry,
    I've found another website while i was looking for handcrafted jewelry online.
    David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry and its versatility seem
    to have walked straight out of an imaginary land. Each piece is
    carefully crafted, testing the boundaries of the creative jewelry norm
    to produce something that is so exceptionally beautiful; one cannot
    help but be drawn to it.
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