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What makes a great business name?

IgorIgor subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Marketing
I know repitition is the key but there are some names that just arent memorable how do I find out wich ones stick in the minds off the public? Is a short name better?


  • asykesasykes subscriber Posts: 3
    Think about why you remember a name...There`s lot`s of reasons...1/ It`s just really obvious!2/ It`s very funny.3/ It`s very similar to something else.4/ It`s plain weird!Not to mention these, which are memorable but not appropriate...5/ It`s incredibly offensive.6/ You can`t believe someone would choose such a stupid name.Look for something that gets some sort of emotional response, that usually helps a lot in making something memorable!Memory works associatively and repetitively, by creating a pleasurable emotional response the client will rehearse it in their own head and make positive associations as they go.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Craig, I think you hit on the main point of a good name. They typically have a good business behind them.
  • rvdebbyrvdebby subscriber Posts: 11
    I worked for a while in radio sales. We dealt with tons of names.. the best ones have something in them that tell what you do. Unless you have piles of money for marketing or the most wonderful product.. heck I was going to say like Microsoft, but the soft is for software. See... even Bill Gates followed my rule.
    Worst names are a combination of the family or owner names. Patdick, not Patdick Grocers, just Patdick.
  • darbyDarnitdarbyDarnit subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m generally inclined to agree on the eponymous name front, unless:1. You have a strong name that is recognized in the community or industry2. There is a clever twist to itWhen I first contemplated launching my own PR, marketing and freelance writing business, I brainstormed names with friends and family. Over and over they asked why I didn`t recycle my campaign slogan of "darbyDarnit!" from my college student government days. It was fresh, fun and edgy, but not militant, and had caught on as a call sign for me long after those days and people still yell that at me more than a decade later. I had a designer develop a wordmark logo so the moniker now works as my company name, logo, and pseudo call-to-action/slogan. I can`t tell you how many people comment on it, reference it, and yell it from across the room when I go to a networking function. It has a great narrative behind it and it was embraced by everyone who touched it.So, don`t rule out your name IF you can find some spirit and spunk in it. As for whether your name should actually describe the product or service, here is some food for thought:- According to Interbrand, f the top 100 brands in the world, only one actually describes the goods/services offered (Pizza Hut)- Descriptive words and words commonly associated with a type of work or industry often do not receive the same level of trademark protection as more creative namesI have seen extremely successful companies with really boring names and complete failure businesses with exciting names. Your first priority should be ensuring that your business delivers on its promise. The name will help, but it won`t determine your success. Enjoy the ride.
  • espeedespeed subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Craig, I think you hit on the main point of a good name. They typically have a good business behind them.
     Exactly that`s why my business YoParts.com has a cool catchy name..but it`s not a good name yet. espeed2006-11-11 0:7:42
  • espeedespeed subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Espeed,I took a look at your Web site, but couldn`t figure out what it is you actually do? You offer parts of some kind...but what parts? I clicked on the Services tab, and got nothing....just a frame that said "services."Are you still in the preliminary stages? I was caught by the cool name, and it was sufficient to make me want to know more. Then I went to the site and didn`t learn more. C`mon....now I`m curious!
      Hi Craig,
         Thanks for the feedback.(I made the mistake of mixing business w/ friends for the preliminary web design ) .Yes the site is actually undergoing a major reconstruction at this time.  See ?TID=2498
         I sell quite a bit of aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer ) auto parts on Google Base / Ebay / and Auto Specific Forums.  So having the site the way it is right now is not a huge thing the most important thing is getting the e-commerce  side squared away. 
       I plan on developing a subscription based platform like (Netflix) $9.99/month or $99 up front for 1 year.  I would offer the parts at close to my cost thus giving the consumer unprecedented savings.   So gaining members is important.  Keeping members happy and spreading the word is paramount. 
       It looks like the name is doing it`s job now I just have to fill my end of the bargain.
  • onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Try www.wordlab.com. check out the forum. There seems to be a good resource for helping you name a company or non-profit. 
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