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I have long helped companies put together online events (e.g., web
seminars, webinars, webcasts, e-learning, etc.). Now I have evolved, if
you can work with the analogy, from `selling plumbing services` to
`teaching plumbing.`

Because of my industry longevity and connections, I`ve `accidentally`
bumped into a new opportunity, and how to execute is the point of
seeking feedback.

In short, I have conferencing vendors who are approaching me to do basic
research and write whitepapers for them (I become that `third party
analyst` for them). However, hardcore research is not my background.

Without breaking the bank, I need to figure out the best way to 1) market
it 2) use appropriate offers/response mechanisms, and 3) be as objective
as possible in the process.

Thx for your feedback. Appreciated.

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