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I`m back! Been working hard- need feedback

ChicLadyChicLady subscriber Posts: 4
edited June 2008 in Website Critique
Okay everyone, I am ready for another round. I got a buyer interested at Target (preliminary stuff, but its still Target...)
I worked on this myself. Please let me know what you think about the overall look/feel
I HAVE TO LINK TO MY STORE (I know that already). I wanted to get a critique before I fully publish this baby...
Thanks again!
(Dale, what do you think of the new copy?)




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    besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Congratulations!!!!! I just checked out your site and it looks good. Wishing you great success!
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    luvmusik00luvmusik00 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Robin,
    Great job on the website. While looking through it, these are a few things I`d consider, but nothing really major:
    1. Title the page. When it`s open it just says `Home`. Title it ChicPeeks or something.
    2. The video on the home page took a very long time to load, I actually thought it didn`t work at first.
    3. Maybe use the `order now stars` as hyperlinks to your store. It provides another way for you to get people to that final goal of a purchase.
    4. On the Press page, if possible, offer links to the sites that featured your product, and if possible, directly to the feature.
    5. Consider moving the legal stuff off the contact page. You can create a link to it at the bottom of the pages, which would be more than sufficient.
    6. Maybe add a FAQ page about the questions you get most often, this provides the customer independence and saves you time.
    7. You may have this on your sales page, but since I can`t see it yet, I want to throw it out there: consider offering a mailing list option. This way you can keep your company in front of customers. Maybe offer a 10% discount on the first order when they sign up. Start with just their first name and email. (That way people are more likely to sign up, then if they have to give all their personal information.) And follow up monthly or whenever you choose to keep them familiar with the company. 
    Best of luck. Love the concept and web design!!
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member

    You have a typo ...... " At last, the easiest and most effective wat to conceal cleavage peek-a-boos when wearing low necklines! " JMO, the "peek-a-boos" should be left out; it sounds fine without it. But, the idea of low necklines is to show cleavage, so why cover it up now? Because maybe the outfit is what you want to wear for a certain occasion, but the neckline is inappropriate? Your message doesn`t say that, it just says "Make your outfit do what it wasn`t designed to do". Maybe it`s more obvious to a woman, I don`t know, so maybe the wording is fine, but if you state it like "When you need the outfit but don`t need the cleavage, get Chic Peeks", then maybe your message gets across a little easier. ( Then again, maybe I`m just dense )The text in the top star is almost too small to read.Remove one of the questions marks ..... "(do you want everyone to know you have a cover-up attached to your bra??)". Also, all 4 of these points are basically saying the same thing, so maybe try to add some variety.In Firefox, I have 2 messages about downloading additional plug ins to view content; not all visitors will be willing to do that.Your SEO may not be effective, as you have a ton of code and little actual textual content. You also need to change your page titles.I like the logo you have, but honestly I`m not crazy about the cartoonish characters. I vaguely remember the original site you had, and actual pictures, to me, looked more professional, however I`m not your target audience so what you have now may be more appealing to women.
    Webline2008-6-10 19:43:49
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    A few points:
    I suggest keeping the background for each web page consistent, "the solution" web page uses a different background.
    I agree about the cartoon-ish character on the home page... the impression it give is more "homemade" than "professional". I also think the real photos may work better.
    The video on the home page - I`d suggest using a Flash video instead of a windows media file (wmv). You might avoid some of the plug-in/download issues that Michael notes (above) because many people have flash player installed on their computer.
    You might consider not having the video play automatically, but prompt the viewer to play the video.
    If you need the video converted to flash, let me know I can do that for you (free).
    vwebworld6/11/2008 11:39 PM
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