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Hello from CEO Space

RobAdams4CEOSpaceRobAdams4CEOSpace subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello from CEO Space.
My name is Rob Adams. My wife, Cheryl, and I are the Northeast Regional Directors for CEO Space, an international organization of entrepreneurs and business people who are dedicated to working in a cooperative model for one purpose: To accelerate business growth. We work with entrepreneurs in many ways. We are like a conduit for the entreperneur to meet with their needed resources. I`ll start from the local level and work up.
1) At the local level we have networking meetings where members bring non-members to introduce them to our local networking clubs. At these local meetings our focus is not just to network as most do simply by passing on business cards to one another, but rather we want to really get to know what you do and what you need next in order to grow your business... and if we can, in any way help... we will do so.
2) At the local level our members get together to focus on growing business. Maybe we have a couple grads working on presentations for other meetings or capital presentations for the national forum. It is here where we practice and receive positive feedback to help us make the best presentation possible. There is no limit to what can be accomplished at these meetings because they are directed by the members themselves.
3) Regional meetings - Here we gather several of the local clubs together and have our national speakers come to give a motivational talks and to allow all to network and help each other along with free business coaching by our speakers.. Again, What do you do? What do you need next? The energy here gives our newest people a glimpse of the energy we have at the national forums.
4) National CEO Space Forum - Held 5 times per year, these forums have an energy that causes many to see it as "business networking on steroids".  Intertwined with instruction from successful business people that train at the fortune level and with all having one focus: "What do you do? What do you need next?" and you will see yourself in the midst of the "movers and shakers". With the network connections you make, with the new business family you just acquired, with the business doors opened that you couldn`t open yourself, you can`t help but accelerate your business growth. We can help you develop a better business plan, a better busienss team and gain access to the needed resources (including capital) to help you accelerate your business growth.
5) www.ceospace.biz</A> - Then to top it all, we have the "myspace" for the business world. Entrepreneurs can gather in chat rooms write back and forth in blogs, etc. and continue to comunicate with all the people you just met at the national/international forum... and the forum experience never ends. Your contact base just continues to grow. Your business is accelerated in its growth process.
CEOSpace - an amazing business experience for the entrepreneur. Check us out at www.ceospacenortheast.com</A>     RobAdams4CEOSpace2007-7-18 1:25:25


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    ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi and welcome. Sounds like an interesting project - will check out your website.
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    RobAdams4CEOSpaceRobAdams4CEOSpace subscriber Posts: 1
    CEO Space is not a 501 c. It is my understanding that most of the counselors at SCORE are retired business men and women. Our instructors are still "in the field" they are staying on the leading edge of what is presently working. We have found that our approaches can differ because we do our best to stay abreast of what is currently wroking in the business world. Here are a couple of major differences: 1) We bring entrepreneurs and small business people together in an on-site residency forum setting for 8 days at a time. We bring in our instructors to share from their experiences in a formal presentation and then work with our people in informal one-on-one meetings, in group settings at meals or even informal gatherings in the hotel lobby. The participants have the week to interact with the faculty. We have participants from all levels from early stage start ups or those in transition all the way to C-level CEOs that come to give back and mentor. 2) When you have a group of over 500 getting together to help one another accelerate business growth, ther is no match to the energy and outcome of a full week plus. 3) We have evening time for networking both in a scheduled format for all and individual formats with in room presentations. It`s unbelievable the amount of traction you get. 4) We have a Saturday afternoon EXPO where participants bring their services and products to a hotel ball room in a uncomon EXPO format.  5) Networking activities that help teach the participants how to communicate their message quickly and effectively. 7) We will have invsetors among the group mentoring and working right along with the little guy and preparing to invest where they find their interests 6) So much more that is so hare to describe because it involves the individual benefits of the experience. We do this 5 times a year. Now, at our local meetings, I would say it may resemble some of what you would receive at SCORE, but we still have the networking that takes place by having meetings. Does SCORE offer that? I don`t know. 
    I hope this helps explain some of the difference in our approach and what we offer. It is someting that is so difficult to describe as benefits over this type of interaction. Yet, this definately has its place in helping the entrepreneur. That`s why I`m here.
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