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Market Search?

art8art8 subscriber Posts: 6
edited September 2007 in Marketing
Hello Sun forum,   I`m new here so please easy on me. What a
great site and you guys are so informative and supportive. Here is my
situation. I`m currently trying to see if there is a market for a
decorative product line that i have created. They are all in prototype
form and so far family and friends love it. Some good reaction from
acquaintance.  So here is my problem. Before putting more money
into it (beside my gut telling me yes) I want to assure my brain that
this has real chance of taking off. I`m about to do a survey and see
what kind of reaction I will get from potential customers. My target
market are women. This is where I get
lost. I have no market skill to do a survey. Questions, price line ,
location, etc. I posted this earlier but in wrong location...ooops.Thank you for your wise and helpful advise
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