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What is your "Moonrise"?

RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin

There`s a phrase used among some photographers when they refer to a peer`s
best shot. They call it a "Moonrise."
They`re referring to a famous photograph Ansel Adams shot at daybreak on a
morning in 1941. He was driving along a New Mexico highway, noticed a full moon
still aglow over a wide open ranchland, pulled over, set up his camera, and
snapped the shot Adams would title "Moonrise." 

A print of that photograph, captured because he had his "opportunity radar"
up, was purchased at auction in 2006 for over $600,000, making it the
7th most expensive photo print ever sold. But more significantly to Adams`
legacy, over the decades the shot became legendary as a standard of excellence
among his peers. And thus was born the term "Moonrise," which became synonymous
with "finest work" in photographers` circles. 
And that`s where this story of excellence turns to you. Some day, no matter
what your passion is, you and the people who know you will reflect on your work.
An assessment will be made about what you accomplished, what a clear highlight
was in your life`s work.
Have you created your finest work yet? Is your best stuff yet to come? Will
you be known by what you`re trying to accomplish at this time in your life?
What is your "Moonrise"?


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    "moonrise" as it was ascribed to Ansel Adams, was applied to him by others.but i am asking each of you what you believe your own moonrise is! i think it`s valuable to understand where you are relative to your own standards, hard work, progress, trajectory, etc...what is your moonrise?
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