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CoreyDCoreyD subscriber Posts: 1
I just recently re-created my own computer business. I first started off selling prebuilt computers on ebay. Now I would like to create my own website where people can customize the computer that they want me to build. The problem is that although I have some website design experience I don`t know how to make the built to order menu (similar to how to can customize computers through dell or hp).  I have researched software to help me but most of it costs over $1000 dollars. I was wondering if anyone knew of any cheaper software that I could use to design this kinda of website or even someone else that could build it for less?


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    That can be accomplished with an ecommerce program. I know with Zen Cart you can define "attributes" for each product and price by those attributes. So, you could have a basic computer for $X then the customer could choose options (attributes) like different drives or memory and get a price and order online.
    Zen Cart is FREE. There probably are other ecommerce programs that can accomidate your needs too.
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