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resuccess2resuccess2 subscriber Posts: 4
edited June 2011 in Selecting a Business
How do you know what business fits you best?


  • rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises subscriber Posts: 3
    I think it`s important to find your passion, and then try to find the niche of that and build a business around that. You really need to know and have a passion for your business, so what better than doing something you love.
    Does that make sense?
  • rebenarebena subscriber Posts: 0
    I think internet marketing is a good way to promote any business in a active way,This makes to choose what kind of business we are really wants to do?
  • fsabbaghfsabbagh subscriber Posts: 0
    Look for a business that relates to your interests or hobbies.

  • johndiv23johndiv23 subscriber Posts: 1
    Know your interest first, or on what you do best. What skills do you have and what can you offer to your customers. That's how you identify your business.
  • anthonydavis4188anthonydavis4188 subscriber Posts: 0
    A business that
    relates your hobby, your interests, the one which will be enjoyable & of
    course which has scope for expansion fits best IMO!
  • EmmaAmesEmmaAmes subscriber Posts: 0
    If you would want to invest time and money over something, it doesn't necessarily have to be anything that you are good at. I believe it's more on do you see yourself willing to commit to the challenges of such business engagement with enough dedication and persistence, given that you have already spent so much to just stop and give up on it. I mean, otherwise you'd just be throwing away so much of yourself if you suddenly decide that "this" is what you want to be dealing and a few months later you find yourself pointing blames here and there. But, that's just me.
  • StartUpCoachFLStartUpCoachFL subscriber Posts: 8
    I am a firm believer in making your passion your business. (I have a blog of the same name). But if you are dependent on someone else's ideas follow this exercise. Write down what your dream job would be. Next write down what you love about that job and what your best skills are for the job. Third write down how much of your time and energy you would want to put into that position. Start over if you are not committed to what you wrote down. The answer is what are you willing to work your butt off to achieve?
  • Hari_MulyoHari_Mulyo subscriber Posts: 1
    To choose the right business, you have to know what you want to accomplish and what type of person you are,

    For me, my hobby and interest are the business elements itself, so it is really doesnt matter what is the category of the business.

    Some people prefer to choose business that can contain their hobby or interest (bowling alley, guitar school),
    some people prefer to choose business type that suit his ( retail, wholesaeller, manufacturer)
    Some people chooses business purely for the returns regardless the type and products.

    So it is really depend on unique personality of each person. But my experiences is the most important element in opening
    A business is "timing" most people associate this with luck, but timing can be tricky since it is involving heavy planning and momentum
    Correct momentum of market.
  • NINENappyProdNINENappyProd subscriber Posts: 0
    I'm trying to find more information on the definition of B2C (business to Consumer) so I can effectively discuss this type in my business plan. I think I know what it means (just by the term), but I want to be sure of the specific definition. Can anyone tell me where it is found here on StartUp Nation?
  • jolisharmajolisharma subscriber Posts: 0
    There is no idea that which business is best for us but by taking help from any coach we can easily find it.
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