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Question about marketing my Mobile Fashion Boutique

shopsublimeshopsublime subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2008 in Marketing
Hi! I have a mobile fashion boutique that I would really like to market to busy business women. I would like to take my mobile fashion boutique to office buildings in local affluent areas (there are many around here) and cater to women on their lunch hour. I`d like to make it available for them to come on board and shop right at their office building. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can market my business to this sector? I really appreciate any thoughts you have on this. Thanks! Much success to us all!!
Renee Pattiwww.ShopSublime.com


  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Wow! Sounds great......... I would suggest that you scan the area and begin to hit the pavement with your promotional material - brochures/informational paper. This will put you in a position to see the women whom you may consider to be perfect candidates for your service. In time you will build a business that will have more clients based on word of mouth, happy clients that are repeat customers.
    Be very personable and promote yourself. Let them know that you will make it convenient for them by bringing the items to them. They can avoid long lines, have the ability to have a private and personal shopping experience, etc. Pitch it so that they see how great it would be for them. Take into consideration that you will have to be discreet in your visit to the business site. Be sure not to have your items  exposed  - that may create a  problem.
    Be persistent and consistent - knowing that some days will be better than others. Here`s wishing you great success!besthealth3/31/2008 7:36 AM
  • EdgEventEdgEvent subscriber Posts: 10
    I think it`s a great idea. I would take you up on it. My advice is to flyer places like coffee shops and happy hour spots in corporate business areas. I work in the financial district of my city and you see lines of business women everyday waiting for their coffee or tea in the mornings and at 5 pm, the local restaurants and bars are packed with business folks in their suits letting off some steam with their colleagues at happy hours.  You don`t necessarily want to hit your potential clients when they are in work mode...but rather when they are doing something more relaxed and personal (after all..shopping is personal).  You want to make it apparent that even though it`s personal shopping...your service makes it available and convenient for them to fit it into a busy work schedule.
    Oh and make sure you design a really eye catching flyer too and promote your website.  Maybe offer some kind of promotion just to let you show them what you can do. Like if they let you bring your collection in to show them, give them a little gift pack of something with your logo splashed all over it, whether its samples of something or  flyers from designers or coupons. Everyone loves free stuff, so think of something you can afford and package it up really nice, and if they don`t buy anything, you`re not out a lot of money.  You want them to try the service first and hopefully the clothes will sell themselves. But even if they don`t buy right then, if you make a good impression, they are more likely to tell their friends about it or call you back another time when they need something. Maybe also make the offer that if they purchase something through the website, you can personally deliver it to them at their office without shipping fees. Then you save them time and money and gives them more incentive to shop your website.
  • shopsublimeshopsublime subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you both so much for your awesome ideas and comments. I appreciate it very much. I`ll definitely be trying all of those things in the next couple of weeks. Thank you again.
    Renee Pattiwww.ShopSublime.com
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