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greenspinnergreenspinner subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in New Member Welcome
 Hello everyone, I own the website http://greenspinner.com . My site has been up for 1 month and I feature Fundraiser 1.0. My main interests are in the green industry, landscape and  grounds maintenance. I built Leprechaun Lawns from the ground up and left her in 2003 to return to my home state. Since then I developed a landscaping division for a nursery and commercial contracts for another. Both companies let me go due to their small minds. Because of this I realised working for myself was the only way for me.
  I hope to soon be offering bicycle engine kits on my website. I currently own two engine kits with designs on the table. One designer of another bike engine and myself will be meeting to discuss future possibilities. Should anyone be interested in funding the bike project I would like to talk with you.
 My website probably needs many improvements and I will welcome any comments pro or con. When visiting my site you will notice I don`t take well to scammers, liers, ripoffs, cheats, cons, whatever they may be called.
I am glad to be a member here and desire to learn all I can.
            Thanks for the opportunity
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