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Interested in a simple.new web idea?

pwrfidpwrfid subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Startup Funding
I am currently working on a idea and I have briefly explained it here.IdeaSetting up meetings with people for social gatherings in restaurants made easy.  Well, Let me a give a brief overview. We link restaurants to consumers and restaurants-to-restaurants and people-to-people. The concept is pretty interesting and if you are interested, I can explain more of it. Hence, I am looking for people with technical knowhow on web projects and  people who have experience in the food business.If you really think its worth it and you are interested to work on this idea, please message me or just pen down your thoughts on this topic.Thanks and have a great day.Ram
pwrfid2007-3-7 0:51:11


  • pwrfidpwrfid subscriber Posts: 1
    Just to clarifyMadison,WI
  • donacapagunzdonacapagunz subscriber Posts: 4
    email me and we can discuss these ideas. I have a corporate sales and marketing background and my own business. [email protected]
  • pwrfidpwrfid subscriber Posts: 1
    I wish to clarify on the `meetup` point.Well, I do not intend to produce a meetup clone. I believe my idea varies from meetup in that its focus is not so much on wider community but linking up within our social domains (friends, relatives, colleagues) and my intention is to specifically link the food business to consumers to get a win-win relationship in which the food business would gain by better management of resources and time management for consumers.Thanks for bringing up this point, hostclick.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    This could definately be a niche market. I have a client who is an event planner and does everything from tea parties to Large Expos. She does not have a niche such as this with an ongoing system. If you could create a model to create a seemless view, signup, inviatation service, vendors to work with, rating system etc, i think it could definately be marketable. Think of family relations for example...my family. My Mother in law calls and always tells me where she and maybe my sister in law have chosen for us to go to dinner and what time...i usually am not included in decision....out of the loop i guess:). Anyway, with this system, we can communictae by getting an invitation then choosing my choice, my time etc...it would be an equal vote (maybe):) . We could also enjoy rating together the restuarants and then trying new places, this would make the family experience better and even fun. Business meeting, send an online invitation, go to your site suggest some resturants, they pick which one, an confirm time and details...almost liek an adventure in food and meetings. I like it! Plus revenue from advertisers of the local resturants ...you could even order ahead possibly with online menus and save time in the meeting! Be served as soon as you arrive.Even prepay restuarants and then you the owner of site get percentage of sales....good idea!
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Maybe a you pick this time, i pick next time and so on ??? That would be fun. Maybe i could make my in laws go somewhere other than a buffet. I hate those places. I like to sit and eat decent food...this would give me a chance to choose, or open them up to new options, same with meetings, share your love of food choice.
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    You definately would need some programming. Third parties of online invite, ratings, menus orders etc...would be clumsy together. It would have to be seemless.Start small think big, when u are on a budget, plan to grow, test the market.
  • pwrfidpwrfid subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you guys for all your comments and thoughts.I am going to start out small and focus in bringing restaurants in Madison on the boat and build a basic system which we will eventually scale up. Currently, I am in communication with a local dude who has experience in the food business and I hope we can launch our web app pretty soon.
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