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Market for new product?

brettrbrettr subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2007 in Marketing
I`d like suggestions on how I can poll and make sure a market exist for a new product.  There isn`t anything out there like this so I don`t have anything to test demand and pricing against.  It will be a collaboration of several existing technologies plus some new and laid out in a new format.
I need to be sure there is enough need.  The service is B2C primarily but will also go B2B as features are added.  I though about paper mailing postcards describing the benefits and leaving a link to an online survey.  Anyone taking the survey gets one year free use.  My problem is I`m unsure where to get mailing addresses or even if they will be good addresses.  I ruled out email because of spamming/blacklisting and the extremely low return.
It would be simple to post the idea in several forums I frequent but then I contemplate someone running off with the idea.
I`m open to suggestions and would appreicate any comments.


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    There are alot of companies that will test new products and mailing list companies, just google it.
  • brettrbrettr subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks cartess3.  I hadn`t thought about using Adwords and such services that way.  It will probably be cheaper than a regular mail campaign. 
  • brettrbrettr subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks again for great feedback.  I don`t want to say the product is available.  Otherwise, I`ll have people asking where can they sign up to purchase or demo.  I could as easily just write back and mention it will be ready in 90 days after the survey closes, which will be true.  I`m thinking to just mentioned in the survey when the product will be ready. In my mind that seems less tricky and vague.  It clarifies immediately that an actually product is on the way.  This whole method of getting feedback will look similar to pre ordering a book.  
    I`ll word the ads like a finished product, name and all.  But once they reach the survey, there will be clarification of the product`s status.
    Also, I will need beta testers.  Once I know there is demand, I don`t want to get the same people (pre orders) to beta test.  That isn`t their expectation.  But maybe there is a good way to do that or should I go get a completely different group?  If nothing else, where can I find beta testers?
  • JMAXMarketingJMAXMarketing subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Bret, if you have any kind of a marketing budget my company does Telephone Communication Marketing. There is no better way to get in touch with people than by phone. It is personal and touches people. I have personally done Telephone Communication Marketing for ove 15 years. I have advertised, done direct sales, surveys, set appointments, you name it I have done it. Both Business to Consumer as well as B-To-B marketing. What ever you have to sell or gain interest in we can do it. We are very reasonably priced and you only pay for actual calling and dialing time, we do not charge our clients for training, breaks, or down time, or long distance service phone lines. We compile information related to each call we make on a (CRM) Client Resorce Management data base. We have a New Years special right now that offers new clients 10% off of their first 90 of marketing and free script development which is a $300. to $500. value. With us, you decide how much you want to spend on marketing. Give me a call for a free consultation regarding how many marketing hours your budget can purchase..
  • brettrbrettr subscriber Posts: 3
    Do you guys feel it is ok to post the survey link in this forum once I have it completed?
    I think being business owners, I`ll get quality survey input and then more input in replies to my post.
    Gail, send me an email to `public at cygen dot com`.
  • JMAXMarketingJMAXMarketing subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    We at J Max Marketing now have a week-by-week service
    available for small companies who cannot afford to commit to our previous
    30-day marketing campaign. We are now accepting only one week paid in advance
    for a minimum of 2 hours per day of calling to set your appointments. The fee
    is generally $30.00 an hour. However, this also is negotiable. I hope that this
    will make it easier on small businesses to start their marketing on a much less
    out of pocket expense. Please let me know if this is more feasible for you and
    we can begin your campaign. I look forward to talking to you regarding your
    exact needs and budget.


    Gail Austin

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    J Max Marketing-The Personal Touch

    [email protected]
  • kayleekaylee subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Brett,
    I can tell you exactly how many people are searching what you are selling or any words over the last month that you want. I can also tell you how much people have paid for certain items over the net. If you are interested in my service feel free to contact me at [email protected]</A>.
    Good Luck
  • manassarmanassar subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member

    There are alot of companies that will test new products and mailing list companies, just google it.

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  • johnsonsellenjohnsonsellen subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    There are plenty of companies that will take test new products and mailing list companies, just google it

  • stevediazstevediaz subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member


    It's great that you're looking to validate the market for your innovative product. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

    1. Targeted Ads: Use social media ads to reach your audience and direct them to a landing page for sign-ups.
    2. Online Communities: Engage subtly in relevant online forums to gauge interest.
    3. Landing Page: Create a page describing benefits and gather email sign-ups for more info.
    4. Trade Shows: Attend virtual or physical expos to showcase your idea and gather feedback.
    5. Beta Testers: Recruit potential users for beta testing to refine your product.
    6. Partnerships: Explore B2B partnerships to validate demand.
    7. Surveys: Run online surveys with incentives to measure interest.
    8. NDA: Consider NDAs for idea protection.
    9. Crowdfunding: Test interest and secure funding simultaneously.
    10. Competitor Research: Analyze related fields for insights.
    11. Focus Groups: Get direct feedback from target audiences.
    12. Expert Advice: Consult mentors for guidance.

    Thank you.

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