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Report Developer Biz Questions

yassinatoryassinator subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2009 in Home-Based Businesses
I have a few questions I hope people can address it would be vastly appreciated!
1.  Do I need a home permit if I don`t have employees that come to my home, don`t meet people at my home nor receive business related mail their?
2.  I created a software solution for someone to create reports from their data set, how do I let them know that they don`t have intellectual rights to it?
3.  Part in parcel to question 2.  I intend to take the product I made for the client in Question 2 and generalize it so I can use it for new clients essentially making minor changes to work for the new individual client.  So do I sell this almost pre-done template product as a piece of software (meaning I would be triggering a sales tax yes?) or just rate it as X billable hours?
Thank you!


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