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Medical Billing Website HELP

tpietrowskitpietrowski subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Website Critique
Does my website state what I do and does it make you want more info or want to leave?


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    smurph05smurph05 subscriber Posts: 2
    I like the site, it is very professional. I am pretty sure that I clearly understand what you do and I would contact you for further information if I was in the market for it. The only thing that I didn`t like was the font you use at the very top of the page. I find it hard to read...it is either too small or just not a font that translates well on all browsers.
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    JDawgJDawg subscriber Posts: 4
    Okay, only had a minute to visit your home page. If I were a physician, I`m looking for quality and seamless interaction. Your content has seems to speak to most physicians, I would think. The problem is what can you say to get them to call you? Offer an introductory price? Stress relationship loyalty? What`s important to the doc or dentist?  (An for some reason I am assuming this is for he med industry because that`s my past history, if not... then my quick glance didn`t provide me with any other industry... and it was just a quick glance....)
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Viewing your site with IE7 on a cable connection.
    Design: The design is good. As noted above, the font in the header image is too small and doesn`t really fix with the rest of the site.  A logo would be nice.
    I`d recommend trying to stay with one or two fonts sizes.. with larger fnots for topic heading and the smaller font for the content. Also, change all the text from italic to normal and consider what you put in bold. Bold is given more weight in search results also, bold and larger type gives the impression of a sales pitch... and I`m assuming you want to convey professionalism.
    The animated block has some good marketing messages, but I would use it in the header so your imporant content is in front of the viewer.
    Content: Writing for the web is different than writing for a brochure. Your website needs to be "scanable"... people scan a web page first. If they see something than is related to their need, they will read in more detail.
    So, you home page should give the viewer reason to buy or ask for more information and do that in a logical and straight forward manner. Your services page is just too long. and disorganized... I don`t know where to looks or what to read first.  Break up the page`s content into it`s important components and try to keep the content with in a page than does not require a lot of scrolling, if any (multiple pages may be needed). You should have a "call to action" on your home page (really every page). "Click here for..."
    Do not underline any words unless they are linls.
    The various memberships at the bottom of the home page are good.. the logos may not be necessary.
    You note what makes you different (which is important)... some bulleted items should have links to examples (sample reports), rate comparisons, average reimbursement %...
    One thing you do not show is any customer/client testimonials... that demonstrate people like your work. I would think that could be an important factor for someone considering your service.  If you do not want to publish testimonials on the website you could say references will be provided.
    FAQ page: FAQ is a good feature to have... and also hard to present in a user friendly manner.  IF you only have a few FAQ, then listing the question and answer (as you do) works fine.  But when you have a lit of FAQ... listing both just create a lot of scrolling for the viewer to find aquestion in which they have interest. I suggest listing the questions with links to the answers.
    As far as converting viewers into customers. The answer lies, in part, in knowledge of your target market.  Who are they? What are they seeking? What problems can you solve for them? If you know answers to those questions and what makes them buy a service like yours... then you can develop your web content accordingly.
    ~Rolandvwebworld2007-4-20 23:21:21
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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    I think you`re asking the wrong audience. Ask a few doctors instead.
    You guys submitted this site for critique a few months back. Are you getting results or not? If not, ask members of the your audience.
    Personally, I don`t think the site is well designed ... but I`m not a doctor. Were I a doctor frustrated by billing hassles, the site might scream "call these guys". But I can`t say.
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    tpietrowskitpietrowski subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice. No I have not had any MD`s comment on my website but I did do some updating to it since last time.
    My main thing with MD`s is the honesty & connection we have.... business ethics. I want them to know I am available 24-7 if need be to make their practice work. I really dont have a slogan nor a logo.
    I know the header needs to be fixed but cant figure it out. I did get some offers to update my page byt wasn`t sure if anyone here does "medical" webpages. I don`t just do billing, it`s laso full A/R magement and collections. So from the minute a pt walks through the door until the copay and insurance pay in full, then I am done.
    I just signed with the BBB and will be adding that. I have asked for testimonials but the MD`s seem to be too busy. Can I use office staff?
    Also, what doesn`t stand out is the MD`s can access their accounts 24-7 via the internet free of charge. Since its internet based and not dialed into a citrix then they have "real-time" accessability.
    I want it vamped since I want new brochures and business cards but barely have the time to think about it.
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    tpietrowskitpietrowski subscriber Posts: 2
    Sorry the font for "Preferred Medical Services" is wrong. Its Edwardian Script on my letter head.
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    nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    These are just a few suggestions for your index page.  You might also rethink the fancy script.  Some browsers will not read any but the most basic text script.
    Preferred Medical Services offers Full Billing and Office Management Services
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    svalexissvalexis subscriber Posts: 0
    You have some grammatical errors on your page.  If you like, you can e-mail me directly and I`ll go over them with you.  It might not sound like a big problem, but if you have clients noticing the errors when they visit your page, they possibly might not trust the accuracy of your work either.
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