Statistical information about market trends and history

biznessmanbiznessman subscriber Posts: 3
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I need statistical information about market shares,
available budgets and spending history of American businesses for adopting
different software applications.
I was wondering if such data is available for public somewhere. I found few websites sources with such informaiton that require expensive subscriptions, totaly out of my league.
Any suggestions?



  • shabbirahmed01shabbirahmed01 subscriber Posts: 0
    The best place to get this information is usually the prospectives of companies in your space.  This can be found in many placed including SEC filings.  The other option is to buy reports published by gartner etc.  These are expensive options.
  • biznessmanbiznessman subscriber Posts: 3
    Small to medium size businesses here in the US. I assume
    such reports break down results by industry. I would pretty much look at all
    industries and their spending statistics on business analytical software tools.

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