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Home-based business ??

powersmopowersmo subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2017 in Veterans
Has anyone looked into starting a business or career as a Life/ Career Coach?  I have seen some information and read a book about a year ago on this subject.  I have been thinking that as a retired officer or senior nco, that our 20 or 30 years of being able to lead others in their own careers and endevors might be a excellent springboard as a "coach".  I would appreciate others comments and experiences.


  • beckfordbeckford subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi powersmo,
    I think that`s a great idea, as is incorporating a specialty such as transition officer like CraigL suggests. I think you`re right about how such military experience can aid in coaching others. You may have checked these out already, but there are several good sites that provide information on being a coach.




    Good luck and please let us know how it`s going.
  • JoseJose subscriber Posts: 4
    I currently have a franchise that`s in our network that does this very same thing - Your business would train other companies on sales, customer service, management/leadership, and so on.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    craig - excellent, excellent recomm...
    jose - does the business you have in your network focus primarily on veterans? or is the business a general transition consulting business?
    regardless, i believe there are issues very particular to veterans that can be addressed by a narrow focused niche. in addition, just the concept of targeting one market may make a vet go to that business rather than its competitor?
    what kind of fees are we talking about here?
  • JoseJose subscriber Posts: 4
    To answer some of your questions...
    Does the business you have in your network focus primarily on veterans? or is the business a general transition consulting business?
    No, they are not veteran focused nor is it a military transition type of service. The franchise "networks" I mentioned let you become a Certified Facilitator & Business Coach. You`ll be helping owners of privately held businesses in your community achieve their vision of success. You will apply your business experience and areas of expertise to help them solve challenges and seize new opportunities during monthly peer advisory boards of up to 10 members per board. You will help them lead their businesses strategically rather than by the idea of the week through private coaching sessions using a proven Strategic Business Leadership. - I`m sure you can some how incorporate this niche into this type of service.
    Your interest in this niche sounds very familiar to what several of the military recruiting companies are already doing. You should check out Lucas Group based in DC, Bradley-Morris and Orion Int`l- both based in VA. They all provide this type of niche service, so you may want to `join` them instead of trying to go against the competition.
    What kind of fees are we talking about here?
    Our services are FREE, our fee gets paid by one of over 250 Franchises which are in our network.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    thanks jose - i was inquiring for the unit i left last year. while i was there this need was very apparent to me.  i am sure they can use these services for members exiting out.  i am sure these businesses have considered approaching unit commanders individually to establish a relationship and gain access to the retiring soldiers.
  • ankit007ankit007 subscriber Posts: 238 Silver Level Member
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  • salmonjames21salmonjames21 subscriber Posts: 22 Bronze Level Member
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  • Slfmef21Slfmef21 subscriber Posts: 3 Member

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