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Outsourced Marketing (Take 2)

MiserAdMiserAd subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Marketing
Hello Everyone again,
I have been deep in thought for the past few weeks about my Outsourced Marketing Department Idea and have totally revamped the image and message.  For those of you who didn`t read the previous posting, I own a marketing agency and have created a new program to help small- to medium-sized businesses have their own marketing department utilizing our services. A lot of business owners don`t care about, have time for, or know where to begin when it comes to the aspect of their business.  My company takes care of all the planning, implementing, executing and evaluating of the entire marketing function for these companies. 
Please take a look at the New and Improved website and let me know what you all think from a small business owner perspective.  The link is:
Thanks for all your help!


  • TheBackupManTheBackupMan subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree with nghnikole ...Flash doesn`t do it for me, and search engines don`t like it, either.Unless I have a reason to go to a site, I`ll endure the Flash intro.  Otherwise, I`m off to the next site.
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    The flash intro is neither here nor there for me. Keep it if you want.You`ve definitely made a lot of improvements, much sharper overall. I still have a hard time determining relevance from the front page but the clarity is much improved. I think the overall feel is better as well. The "Intensify. Market. Grow." stuff is not really great communication. It seems like a collection of words that probably don`t mean much to anyone outside the firm. Since these words are prominent on your site, you might want to rethink. Is there something - perhaps offer-oriented - that you can use instead? [ On the other hand if you`re in love with it ... keep it. ]Oddly enough I really like the red, black, and white design. It`s very cubist and yet consistent. The information on the site is well-written and heavy on bullet points, which is great.On the front page: The Full Source Solution diagram needs to go the way of the Dodo. It`s really "business school" or Harvard Business Review and seems like a highly concentrated dose of jargon. Something like this appeals to other marketing professionals, not business owners. In addition, it`s meaningless to anyone outside the firm or anyone who can`t decipher the process ... and ... the top of the front page is great just by itself.The Fee page is better than before - but I still don`t understand the rationale behind the numbers.Moving on. The Fee page has some ***great*** copywriting. I LOVE the "invest a little; grow a lot" message. It`s SUPER clear and appealing and definitely focuses on what you offer and communicates a real benefit of using your services. It`s first class. Now, it`s not got mesmerizing power but it is really good, definitely the best thing on your site. I believe that this little snip has the power to get people to call you. You should use this on your landing page and in your header. It`s really good.Last: The Franchise stuff should go away. It makes your company look really unfocused and I`m not sure what it means. I also have to say the MiserAd web site is shockingly bad and almost offensive to me, but is definitely *fantastic* marketing on your part. Memorable! I was suitably impressed.
  • patrickbyerspatrickbyers subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Paul,I`ve been lurking but thought I should weigh in when I saw Take 2. You have made tremendous strides on your Web site but there`s still significant room for improvement from a design and usability standpoint. Eliminate the flash intro -- "friends don`t let friends use flash intros." I also strongly urge you to visit and get to know the learnings on Jakob Nielsen`s excellent Web site, www.useit.com.If you`d like to chat about what`s involved in launching a marketing outsourcing company, give me a call. I can provide some insight: I launched Outsource Marketing, the marketing outsourcing pioneer in 1997. If you`d like to chat, drop me a line. Patrick Byers
    Patrick M. ByersPresident + CEOOUTSOURCE MARKETINGA marketing department if you don`t have oneMore horsepower if you do[email protected]
    Celebrating 10 years of moving marketing forward
    patrickbyers2007-6-1 1:26:18
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