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Any feedback on purchased business plans?

lesleyannelesleyanne subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Business Planning
We`re considering opening a pizza restaurant, and I was wondering if anyone has purchased a completed business plan, and if so, what their experience was.  Specifically, I was looking at this one http://www.quickplan.com/</A>
I know we will still have to do plenty of work, but I thought the time savings on the research alone would make it worth the $200.


  • Krhale23Krhale23 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Lesleyanne, Unless you have an accounting/ finance background, programs such as quickplan are going to be difficult for you to use, especially when it comes to the financial projections area of the business plan.  And that particular area of the plan is without a doubt the most important part.  In order to get funding, banks will need you to defend your financial projections.  In my personal experience, having an expert business planning consultant work with you to complete a professional, customized, business plan is the best way to go.  I think it absolutely pays off in the long run.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    KrHale23,That is not always the issue. I think that if one can`t write his own business plan, then you are in trouble. I don`t think going to a professional / business plan writer is the way to go. The reason for that is, he doesn`t care whether your business succeeds or not. Remember, as long as he is in business thats all he cares. I think that a business plan is something personal, only you know what you want and only you can describe your passion for it. Consider your business plan as your master piece. Take a few courses from the SBA on how to write a business plan. And.... when the financial part comes up, Hire an accountant or CPA. be involved as much as you can. Don`t leave it up to Joe Shmo to dig in his files and find you a template business plan. Something that all he has to do is change the name of the company and titles and fluff up the numbers. My advise at this point, don`t put a business plan until you have real numbers. Make a Goal List. Sord of like a small business plan (very simple) one page of what you want to accomplish. Everytime you accomplish a goal check it off and write a paper on "what you learned", your experiences, and the downs and falls.Consider this your swot analysis. (strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)gather all that information at the end, and then put your business plan together. The good thing about doing it this way is.... You have real numbers and not something that Joe Shmo generated to put a smile on your face. Just my opinion...

    Nuevolution2006-10-26 2:23:36
  • Krhale23Krhale23 subscriber Posts: 1
    You`re right, this is not always the issue.  However, I work for a company that writes business plans and we do care  if your business succeeds.  We care because it reflects better on us and because we are  a management consulting firm.  If your business succeeds  then further down the road we may be able to help you again, but if your business fails then we lose that potential  business.  You  just need to  be careful to do your research on what type of company you work with.We don`t use templates.  If anyone tells you they do or if it looks like the do... then run for the hills, because they don`t care about your business or your plan: they just want your money.  In fact if you are using a program to create a business plan, then it is a template NOT customized at all.  People who have experience with business plans can help you make your`s look professional, they can help you sell it to investors, help you find potential investors, and set you up with banks.  Most businesses that help with your business plan are going to always have their doors open for advice, questions, etc.  Sure you can take some classes to learn how to write a business plan but they aren`t going to give you personalized attention and they aren`t going to be able to work on every detail.  In a business plan, every detail counts!  I disagree wtih the approach of a goal list because I think most people who want to start a business want to get the ball rolling and often don`t know where to begin.  The business plan is a great way to start because it will be YOUR guide to YOUR business.  Consultants will ask you many questions and work with you so that the business plan is exactly what you want.  They will get the ball rolling so your dream is put on paper.  They don`t just ask you what business you want and then go back create a plan and then ask for the money.
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    I have no experience with purchased business plans but I do agree with many of the comments herein. That said, I think the most important part of business planning should involve developing an understanding of the fundamentals of business in general and the fundamentals of your market. Without this understanding, planning is more or less pointless. Have you ever run a business before? [I don`t know anything about your background.] Are you familiar with issues such as cash flow management, managing employees, etc.? I think these are more important considerations.
  • DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3
    Goal list aren`t time wasters but i personally think it will help you in the short run.
    It (a goal list) isn`t a requirement to start a business; but I have been doing a lot of reading on SUN and seem that those who follows the Sloan Brothers` vision are the most happy and successful businessowner.
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    I believe a goal list is the first approach to the business plan. Its a simple road map. Just like a programmer needs an IPO "Input Process Output" Chart. The same concept should be followed when starting a business. Why create a business plan that you don`t even know what you want? You know you want to be in business, you know you need a business plan. But what exactly are you going to put into that business plan? What do you know about the business you are starting? How can you forecast sales? How can you draw up numbers? What Fluffed up numbers? Fluffed up numbers that the banks want to see? (to be considered a good business venture?)
    You need something simple... A goal list is a map to know what you want to put in the business plan. By the time you are done with your Goal list, writting the business plan should be effortless. Why? You already have real information. Its easier than coming up with the executive summary, How many of you out there had a hard time coming up with a punchline for your executive summary? Isn`t the executive summary what most banks and investors read first? If you can get the investor or bank to read past the executive summary you are "IN", if you loose their attention in the second sentence of your executive summary you are "done". So how would you know what to say? or write without not even having a slight idea of what being in business is?A Goal list is essential to every start up. It depicts the milestones along the way. It gives you the initiative to reach for the higher goals. And... Once you run out of goals set higher ones...and then higher ones... Give yourself a purpose.(doesn`t it feel good when you accomplish a goal?) The Business plan is the backbone.. You only reference it to stay focus and to remind yourself of why you are in business. So to make things short................The Goals list is to "motivate" you.The business plan is to "stay focused"
  • DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3
    Nuevolution .. could I add to that short list...
    The marketing plan is to "execute it/put into action"
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