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Lingerie/Cafe Start Up

micki32micki32 subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Business Planning
I am in the process of starting a lingerie/cafe that caters to men and women. I have software to do my business plan. My problem is that I am having problems with finding the start up cost and making my bottom line numbers tie out. If any one knows where I can get this information, I would really appreciate it.


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Well there isn`t much information about the type of business you are trying to accomplish, your best bet is to look at the start up cost for the cafe, and then sketch out the rest of the blows and whistles. I believe the startup cost for a cafe would be around 75K. depending on the size of the building, and equipment.
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    ideaanalystideaanalyst subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there,
    My advice would be to look at what does exist historically in terms of
    data for like companies. Determine who your vendors will be in the
    area, a list of necessary start immediate capital costs...if you have
    questions re: how to project for this specifically, feel free to
    contact me.
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    Krhale23Krhale23 subscriber Posts: 1
    This is a problem that a lot of our clients have.  It is difficult to do the financial projections on your own (especially if you don`t have any experience in accounting/ finance).  It depends on  the area of your  business and many other factors.  In order to get realistic information to complete your business plan it is necessary to look at other like companies and businesses (in your area or like your area) to be able to get round about numbers.  However, keep in mind that because you are doing the business plan yourself, banks and investors are going to really grill you about the plan and the numbers.  In order to have a fighting chance with them, I would consult an expert in this area that has experience with this type of business.  They will be able to not only help you complete your business plan but also sell it to your investors.
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    micki32micki32 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks to all who replyed.
    Let me explain my business concept.
    Alicia`s Unisex Boutique. 
    A sensual apparel boutique catering to men and women.
    Where men can feel masculine and women can feel beautiful.
    Here at Alicia`s , we will cater to men and women of all shapes and sizes. We will make men and women feel confident about themselves.  There will be fashion shows presented by men and women who are confident and wearing sensual apparel. While shopping or watching the fashion show, our customers will be able to enjoy some hot or cold hor d`oeurves  and pastries while sipping on a alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage of their choice. I will be selling very elegant lingerie for women and silk pajamas, boxers, and robes for men. The costume lingerie along with novelities will be sold on my website.
    With this being said, can any on point me in the right direction to get the start up cost for a linger store and a cafe?
    Please tell me what you think of my idea.micki322006-10-25 20:3:3
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Micki,OK, here is where things are going to get compicated for you. You said you where going to have Alcoholic beverages? Which means you will have to get some sord of permit. I don`t think you would need a liquor license since you wont be selling it would you? From past experience, when I was younger about 19 my dream was to have a liquor store with hot models... The cost of the license alone is around $75K and this was for a hand-down.(leased by the liquor store owner). So there is your first Number so you can figure out how much you need just to sell Alcoholic beverages... "Then Liability" if someone gets wasted and does something "Not Cool". So try to use this as to what you are going to need.
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    micki32micki32 subscriber Posts: 2
    I know alcohol is alcohol.  Yes, I do know about the liquor licneses. I do know about the liability that comes with it.
    Picture this you cgoing into a lingerie shop. Your trying to pick out the perfect outfit for you or your mate. You see the clothes hanging on a hanger or on a maniquinn . The hanger nor the mannequin doesnt show the true beauty of the outfit , and the sales person is no help. What is your next step?
    To come to my store NOT A BAR.
    Here is the scenario of what you will experience at my store.
    All of a sudden you turn to your right and there you see a live model on stage with the exact same outfit that you were looking at. The model happens to be the same size as your mate. You get to see the details of the lingerie . You get to use your imagination as to how it would look on your mate. While doing this you get to snack on some hor d`oeurves  that is pleasing to the taste and an alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage of your choice while enjoying your shopping experience.
    This is not a full  bar it`s a cafe that serve only specialty drinks. Specialty drinks that you and your mate will have when having a nice romantic evening together.
    This is only setting the mood for what is yet to come. That is what lingerie is suppose to do. It is suppose to create a fantasy for you and your mate that you can  bring to life in the comforts of your home.
    That is my vision for my store.
    Please, instead of assuming what it actually is ask the questions that you have pertaining to what I am trying to accomplish so that I can answer your concerns. I want to make it a pleasant experience for couples. I by all means do not want to get mistaken for a gentlemens club, a stripe club, nor do I want people to think that they are coming to an under cover sex shop. It`s strictly professional. 
    I welcome all critiques on what it is that I am doing because it`s the public who I will be serving . I want you to be pleased at the quality of my product as well as my professional customer service.
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