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I’m about to pay a website designer, need protection

RHHRHH subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2007 in Thought Leadership
We are about to pay a designer 6k, broken up into 3rd`s.  The problem is the designer is on the other side of the country and my `non-tech` and frugal parnter is leery.  I do have references that I haven`t checked yet and the designer accepts credit cards and paypal.  What is the best way to set this up, so we can be put at ease.  Escrow account?  Paypal?  C Card?  Lawyer?  Thx in advance.


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Not only check reference they provide. Call folks listed in their portfolio and ask them about the experience they had. Also have deadlines for work and payment upon shceduled deliverables. Will they be doing all the work or will they outsource some of it out...be careful. Read over the contract carefully. Give small amount for mock ups then another for prototype, them if it is large in modules.
    I am a web designer and not a huge programmer so I had hired out a project for my company, not a clients to a company in las vegas that used to be in my area. It was a horrible part of my life, 18 months and over 18,000.00 lost....even after we tried to collect. They went out of business and then reopened. We got a site that did not work and a lot of wasted time, money and sleepess nights. We then went with a local comapany last may, gave 50% deposit....thought she would do great with it and knew her in  my business circles...well after every excuse and 7800.00 later in December after she didn`t pay the programmers she went out of business. My attorney was able to get 6000.00 back and i have to go to general district court next week to file for the rest. So just because they are local, doesn`t mean a thing. We finally went with a company we have worked with before....much more exspensive but has supported me all along the way in my endeavors. The design is done, the programming is being done and every few days I get an update, without asking. I should of went with them after the first company but my attorney advised to use a local company in case we had issues. So after getting the 2 bids from the local and the company friends i know in New York...i went with the local and it did not work out. Now I am with the most awesome company out of NY.So be certain you check them out, there work, reputation, how payements and deliverables work, timeline, are they outsourcing some of it.... investigate, pay with a credit card. get everyones name and decide how correspondence will work.
    I really get upset about companies who are not honest, not capable even after they promise they are. How about using Nikole...she is capable and honest and seems like she would be great to work with.  Here is her company site: www.nhgconsulting.com</A>
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    RHHRHH subscriber Posts: 2

    Why did you choose this company to work with anyway?

    I picked this one out of a pool of 50 applicants and their past work was exactly what we wanted and yes it will be a very nice site.  Laying out 6k is a lot and we can`t afford to be `taken to the bank`, so I decided to find out how can I protect ourselves just in case.  It appears that paying by credit card is the way to go and we will check references as well as calling sites in their portfolio. 
    Thanks to all, you have been a big help!RHH2007-3-4 6:27:35
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    pepperlegalpepperlegal subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    You should also have a comprehensive website development agreement that protects your rights in the event the work is not done properly, on-time, etc.  I typically make sure my clients have real-time access to the work-in-progress as well, so you can locally backup all of the code as it`s written.
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