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What is the entrepreneurial mindset?

NVArchitectNVArchitect subscriber Posts: 12
edited September 2008 in Thought Leadership

All of us have noticed it. You know, the way in which two people can look at the same situation and yet interrupts it in two completely different ways. Why does this happen? Most would guess that the answer is in the mindset, but what does this mean. The good folks over at Answers.com offer the following meaning:

A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person`s responses to and interpretations of situations. An inclination or a habit.


My own view is that your mindset is formed from the sum total of the decisions you have made to date in your life and is rooted deep within your value system and beliefs. So, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset then it is because you have had a bias towards the entrepreneurial option when ever you were called on to make a decision. For more on this see my article on the entrepreneurial mindset 
Central to the entrepreneurial mindset is not just the desire but the need to succeed. This means more than to just achieve a level of success but to be successful continuously.

Success is not an outcome - it`s a process.

Now whilst the entrepreneurial mindset is usually enough to drive a person out of the corporate administrative/managerial world it is not enough to guarantee commercial success because the person with this predisposition must still learn the skills of the business person.

NVArchitect8/31/2008 2:35 AM


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