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Help Please!

dawnaldawnal subscriber Posts: 1
I am trying to build a website and then have it transferred to a hosting company. I need a website company where I can build my own site . This is a dating site which would need some features such as:

ability to sign in to gain further access to the site
clients will be able to post their photos
pay membership fees online
I anticipate your input. Thanks!


  • EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    The overall best way is to get a web designer, then work with them, if you can to get a hosting package. Good web designers have places they can refer you to. Check out their website and hire them based on the design/quality of their own site.
    Now, is you would like to design it yourself them find hosting like it says in your post then you may want to try web design software. Microsoft Frontpage, Web Easy, Ready-Site Pro, Web.Com Site Builder/Hosting. You can design a site on your system and then find hosting. These software programs also have hosting packages or a site to refer you.
  • dawnaldawnal subscriber Posts: 1
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    yes, there are a few ready made php scripts for dating sites... that provide for memberships and payments.
    Search on dating php template
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14

    ... Your product is in a similar category as the earthborn & handmade products I provide on my own site. In general they are decorative and typically not something people hunt for. Generally these types of items are impulse buys.First I would say the site you have currently built doesn`t answer the buyers question... Why do I need your product? What makes your product better than a similar product found in a local department store?You describe the product well, but the copy writing doesn`t make me believe it`s difficult to find elsewhere. I admit, my own site is still developing its "hook" also. But your question is, how do I get people to buy?Secure transactions is a must.More choices would be good too, but that doesn`t address "getting sales."really I think it`s all about your marketing efforts.
  • dawnaldawnal subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you all for your advice.
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