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Need some input, please.

philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
edited February 2007 in Selecting a Business
So about 2 months back I was putting a lot of thought into a Pet Store and posting a lot on this website, well after that it got put in the back of my mind and I really haven`t put a whole lot of thinking into it. Just recently I started reading "Cesar`s Way", a book by the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. Well it made me realize just great it would be to work with dogs (and cats) everyday. So I came to the conclusion that the absolute best way for me to go and what would make me happy, is to work towards starting a doggy day care, pet salon, and dog training business. I know this is a lot of area to focus on but I am up for it. I think it would be great to provide people with a place to drop off their dogs for the day where they can get groomed, trained and socialize with other dogs. Plus if people want to bring their cats to be groomed they could do that too.I need some input on if you think it is possible and what you would do to make it successful. I am extremely into the idea and I think it would profit immensely.


  • ladderlessladderless subscriber Posts: 3
    I don`t know, but on Monday, this item made the FRONT PAGE of our city newspaper...  The business looks interesting.
    I always say go after those with the money...
  • philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
    Well my idea is to get my certified dog trainer license, go to school for dog grooming, and maybe some other dog/cat training courses so that I can definitely show my clients that I am qualified to watch over their animals and groom and train them.
  • tworiverssoapstworiverssoaps subscriber Posts: 0
    I recently heard about this company http://www.tidydog.com</A>  It`s a do-it-yourself dog wash which I think is brilliant! Do you have anything like this in your area? How many doggy day cares/groomers are there?
    Jennifertworiverssoaps2007-2-22 20:5:6
  • philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
    Well I really haven`t looked into competition in the area because I don`t think I will open it in my area, my area isn`t very big, I live around Binghamton, NY if any of you know where that is, its not small but it is booming with opportunity. I was thinking after school of moving somewhere south maybe, Florida maybe or somewhere southwest like California. I really don`t know what state holds the most opportunity. Maybe I could even just move further upstate from where I am at and stay here in New York.But I do think that if I could open a place where they could have all of their needs met at one place that it would sell itself. How many people would like to drop their dog off and go to work or on vacation with the sound of mind that when they get back their dog will be clean, groomed, happy, and even learn something along the way (training).
  • chevymanusachevymanusa subscriber Posts: 3
     Any thing is possible, but is it feasible ???. Be honestwith your self and dont let what you want rule over good  decisions.. And if its all systems GO, Go for it and the best of luck ..Tony
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