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Startup of a Pet Supply Business

philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
edited January 2007 in Business Planning
So right now I am a 20 year old Full-Time Business Student working on my Associates Degree and since I`ve started College I have only had one business idea that I have felt really strongly about, starting my own Pet Supply Business (Pet Store). I just want to know if there is anyone out there that can offer any advise, maybe even someone in that field. I just started reading The Sloan Brothers Startupnation Book and think it has a lot of great advise I am just looking for some more direct advise on my specific business goal. Need further information? Just ask. I will be doing a lot of research before it comes time to actually start my business, besides I have at least one more year of college to go.


  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    CraigL you`re an animal-you have an answer for about every post! I give it up to yah.
    Getting back on subject, Phill, I would make sure while you are studying in college that you really pay attention in ALL of your courses. Granted they dont always teach how to run your own business but they DO teach how to help manage people at someone else`s business. <ok that was another tangent> But take it from someone who has taken some business courses and didnt pay attention, and forgot almost all of it. This information might help you out in the long run.
    But as far as the Pet store. I like as a pet owner a place where they know there stuff. Not just products to push but the animals themselves. For instance some types of dogs need different vitamins, not just the typical "small dog/small bite" foods. This could possibly be used as your up on the "big dogs" (no pun intended). They dont have that personal touch.
    I would also recomend to network. Get to know the local trainers, breeders, and pet owners. I am not sure if they exist but maybe get involved with a pet owners club.
    Hope this helps
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    Just thought of this: Get your local Police dog handler envolved! I know that many times a police department would be happy to do such a thing for community policing. You both will benefit.
    nhgnikole: Perhaps even holding info sessions in your store would be a great way to bring people in ... a trainer could hold a training info session, a nutritionist could hold a session on choosing the best dog food, a vet could hold a session on pet health ... it`s a great way to cross-market with some other local businesses!
    Great idea thats another way to get an up on it: education to your customers
  • philscott35philscott35 subscriber Posts: 10
    All of your ideas are absolutely awesome. I had an idea to start up as a Pet Shop, you know selling small animals, dogs, exotic animals, the works along with the supplies. But not only that but to go all out and build a extention onto the store where I could have a space to have a animal day care/grooming area. Plus right now while in college I have started owning a variety of pets so that when time comes to open up I will have the experience of owning the animals so I`m not only giving information to the customers from a book I will be adding my own knowledge along with it. I just thought that I would have that much more
  • mamun9mamun9 subscriber Posts: 0
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